One Piece: Does Shanks have Roger’s weapon?

An image of Shanks and Roger in One PieceCrunchyroll

Shanks is one of the most popular characters in the series and is equally mysterious as well. He wields a sword very similar to Gol D. Roger and even has his technique.

No other character in One Piece is shrouded in as many mysteries as Shanks. His heritage, connection with Gorosei, motives, and even his true powers are unknown among fans. 

Recently, fans witnessed a glimpse of Shanks’ powers for the first time when he used “Divine Departure” against the Kid Pirates. It’s an extremely powerful technique Shanks learned from the Pirate King himself.

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Not only their fighting style but their swords are similar in style. Considering how Roger adored Shanks and gave the kid his straw hat, speculation about Shanks’ weapon being the same does seem plausible. Delve deeper to find out if Shanks have the same weapon as Roger’s.

Do Shanks and Roger use the same weapon?


Roger’s weapon is called “Ace”, while Shanks’ weapon is “Gryphon.”

Ace is one of the 12 Supreme Grade Meito. It is unknown if Roger decided to name his son after his sword. The series never explains what happens with Roger’s sword after his execution. On the other hand, the origins of Shanks’ swords are unknown. 

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Nonetheless, both Ace and Gryphon are sturdy enough to stand the attacks from Whitebeard’s “Murakumogiri.” Furthermore, “Dvivne Departure” requires an insane amount of Haki to be imbued in the sword. If the sword is weak, it may not withstand that. 

How are Ace and Gryphon different?


Despite being similar in appearance, they are both completely different. Ace is a cutlass with a saw hamon pattern adorned on the sides of the blade.

Cutlass is usually a short, thick sabre with a slightly curved blade sharpened on the cutting edge and a hilt, often featuring a solid cupped or basket-shaped guard. 

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Whereas, Gryphon is a longer-than-average sabre with a long green hilt and a circular beige guard. It also has a wide and thin guard around the hilt.

Sabre is a type of sword with a single-edge blade with a large hand guard. Its blade is often curved of variable length. A sabre is longer and thinner in design, unlike a cutlass.

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