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Halloween might be over, but that’s no reason to avoid watching or revisiting the eery Hulu horror No One Will Save You – we’ve broken down the ending of the movie.

The story focuses on Brynn Adams (Kaitlyn Dever), a homebody who lost her mother and is ostracized by everyone in town for a reason that is hinted at. Her once-quiet life is disrupted when creepy aliens arrive and attack her in her home. The best part about No One Will Save You is that there’s next no dialogue. In reality, there are maybe 3-4 lines.

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With the lack of dialogue, audiences have to pay keen attention to how the events unfold and details that could possibly explain the No One Will Save You ending.

Does Brynn manage to survive with next to no survival instincts? Or will the people who ostracized her come to her rescue? Better yet, why was Brynn pushed aside in the first place? Here’s a breakdown of what horror happens and the surprising ending. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

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Brynn manages to kill multiple aliens in No One Will Save You

All alone, Brynn is able to protect herself well enough to take down a few aliens while details of her past come to light.

The Hulu movie begins in a remote country away from the town where Brynn lives in her childhood home. But it’s clear that she has little communication skills, as she fidgets and practices mannerisms in the mirror. She even makes it a point to steer clear of the police sheriff and his wife and be detected by townspeople. Back at home fans see her write a letter to someone named Maude (Dari Lynn Griffin), which implies that something happened she can never forgive herself for.

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In the night, a ruckus wakes Brynn up. She soon realizes someone or something has invaded her home. In the obscurity of night, she hears clicking noises and heavy footsteps. She tries to take shelter in her room, and the audience meets the grey and gnarly alien at the door. Trying to evade the alien in her home, Brynn is petrified but never utters a word.

It’s clear that these aliens also don’t speak, and use sounds to communicate. They also have telekinetic powers. Brynn kills her first alien in a happy accident when the alien uses its powers to drag Brynn. At the same time, Brynn grabs a clocktower from her house’s display and stabs it through the alien’s head. Day turns to night, and Brynn is still processing what happened.

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She covers the alien and realizes nothing electrical or battery-powered is working. The aliens likely set off an EMP (electrical magnetic pulse). With no other options, she gets clean and changes to go into town.

No One Will Save You reveals the aliens are taking over humans with a parasite

Why are the aliens there? Following a series of near-death experiences, Brynn faces the aliens and learns they use a vocal throat parasite to take over humans.

To much surprise in No One Will Save You, Brynn goes to town where everyone is looking at her is some form of distaste. Entering the police station, she comes face to face with Police Chief Collins (Dane Rhodes) and his wife. Mrs. Collins (Geraldine Springer) looks angered and spits on Brynn.

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Seeing a bus pass, Brynn sees a way out and buys a ticket. While on the bus a man approaches her. He doesn’t speak but emits the same haunting sound as the alien with something moving in his throat. She escapes, tries to find refuge at the church, and finds Maude’s tombstone. Brynn returns home to realize something from within the alien came out and left a trail of ice.

Into the night, she prepares boiling pots of water, and candles, gets a box cutter, and seals the door of her home. It’s useless when the sounds and light return and blast it wide open. A light removes the dead alien and another enters. Brynn once again kills another smaller version of an alien, before meeting a mega spider-like alien outside. The same man from the bus appears to try and take her to the alien ship. Brynn again is able to flee when the ship’s beam snaps the human-alien in half.

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Taking on the spider alien, it gets trapped in her car. Seeing an opportunity, Brynn ignites the leaking gasoline to kill it. The ship once again beams away the dead alien. Back inside a new alien appears, slightly more powerful. Viewers may notice that while trying to escape the alien, it stares at Brynn differently, and looks at photos of two young girls. Using a bright red beam, it suspends Brynn, and it’s revealed that the aliens have a form of parasite in their throat that moves into the human host’s throat.

No One Will Save You has Brynn’s past shrouded by murder

While Brynn is being infected with the parasite, audiences learn Brynn unintentionally murdered Maude when they were kids.

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Kaitlyn Dever as Brynn in No One Will Save You20th Century

While in a trance state, Brynn wakes up in her home good as new. But a light appears and a woman appears with red hair. Emotional, Brynn apologizes to Maude. Even in this state, Brynn realizes it’s an illusion, and the scene cuts to Brynn gaining control and removing the parasite from her throat. But the alien beam takes the parasite and it transforms into a replica version of Brynn.

In the woods, it followed her and stabbed her in the stomach. In return, Brynn uses the box cutter to cut her neck. It’s symbolic as Brynn murders a version of herself and cradles her in her arms. In the distance the spider alien returns and calls for the ship. Brynn is caught in the beam and taken aboard.

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In the vast darkness, aliens appear before her. They touch her forehead and reveal her memories. As a child, she made small houses with her mother and was best friends with Maude. Outside, there are police and Chief Collings on his knees. A scene shows Brynn getting into a fight with Maude pushing Brynn to the floor. Taking a rock nearby, Brynn struck Maude and killed her.

A guilt-ridden Brynn begins to write letters to Maude. Sitting across from her younger self, Brynn holds her hand. Brynn wakes up with the aliens surrounding her and talking. The ship makes a loud noise as if reacting or speaking. Lights flash, and Brynn is released. She lays on the floor laughing as colorful lights shine above her.

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The No One Will Save You ending has Brynn living with the aliens

Having found something special in Brynn, the aliens let her go and Brynn lives a happy life like she has always wanted with the aliens taking over the humans in her town.

The ending to No One Will Save You is somewhat disturbing. Brynn wakes up on a new day looking fresh and happy. She finishes a new house display and leaves her home. She bikes to another home to hand the house, but there are people outside. Brynn looks happy to see them and waves. No One Will Save You ending revealed the aliens took over the humans and are living alongside Brynn. They don’t talk but audiences can see the parasite in their throats.

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She later attends a night-time gathering and dances her heart away with them. In a shocking twist, No One Will Save You’s ending has Brynn break the fourth wall, look at the audience, and gesture farewell. The scene then pans out to reveal multiple alien ships hovering over town.

In the end, no one in town saved Brynn, she saved herself from the aliens and her past guilt. Instead of humans, the aliens save Brynn and let her live the life she has always wanted.

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No One Will Save You is streaming on Hulu now, and you can check out our other horror content below: 

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