New US Tenet release date announced with early international debut

Tenet posterWarner Bros

Christopher Nolan’s upcoming film Tenet finally has a new United States release date and will be debuting early internationally.

On July 27, Warner Bros announced that the anticipated blockbuster will now be releasing in theatres on August 26 internationally, and on September 3 in North America.

The news comes on the heels of speculation that the film will be delayed in the United States amid ongoing global health issues.

According to a report from Variety, the international release will feature seventy countries including Australia, Canada, France, Japan, Korea, and the United Kingdom.

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Korea also recently pulled in $21 million with the newly-released Train to Busan sequel “Peninsula,” so it’s a sign that Korea film fans are willing to actively attend film screenings.

However, there is no news yet as to if the film will be released in China.

For the United States release, it should be noted that only “select cities” will carry the film and that’s also likely going to be on a city-to-city basis in conjunction with state-specific policies.

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Christopher Nolan's TenetWarner Bros
Will Tenet’s new release date stick?

Tenet has already been delayed three times so it will be interesting to see if this release date ends up sticking. One thing is for sure, however, and that’s Tenet will unlikely be released on VOD.

Imax CEO Richard Gelfond made it clear during an earnings call that Christopher Nolan, “really would like to be coming out with the film that opens theaters.”

“I don’t know anyone in America who is pushing harder to get the theaters reopened and to get his movie released than Chris Nolan,” he said back in April.

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Tenet is Nolan’s eleventh blockbuster movie. It stars John David Washington, Robert Pattinson and Michael Caine.