New Super Mario Bros. movie trailer reveals Seth Rogan’s DK voice & Cat Mario

Donkey Kong spinoffUniversal Pictures / Nintendo

Illumination Entertainment released another trailer for the Super Mario Bros. movie, which gave the first look at Seth Rogan’s DK voice as well as Cat Mario.

When fans first heard about the Super Mario Bros. movie with Chris Pratt voicing Mario himself, there was a bit of consternation at whether or not the film could do justice to the beloved game franchise.

However, after multiple trailers exceeded many fans’ expectations, the excitement for the April 28, 2023 release date is only building as the year continues.

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Now, Illumination Entertainment has released a brand new 30-second teaser trailer that reveals Seth Rogan’s voice for Donkey Kong and a first look at the movie’s take on the Cat Mario power-up.

New Super Mario Bros. movie clip teases DK and Cat Mario

The trailer once again showed Mario facing off against Donkey Kong in a colosseum in what appears to be Donkey Kong’s home kingdom.

Aside from the scene of Donkey Kong wailing on Mario in front of Cranky Kong, Peach, and Toad, we see new footage of Mario grabbing a Super Bell power-up to transform into Cat Mario during the fight.

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Cat Mario bounds across the brick blocks from above before menacing landing, showing his claws, and saying “Meow.” This prompts Donkey Kong to fall over laughing at Mario’s cat outfit, where fans hear Seth Rogan’s voice for the iconic tie-wearing ape for the first time.

The trailer concludes with Donkey Kong composing himself before abruptly turning back to Cat Mario and saying, “Now you die,” before going in to punch Mario once again.

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Though fans can only hear Rogan’s DK voice for a few lines, it admittedly sounds like he isn’t putting much spin on his regular speaking voice.

It’s a bit too early to know whether not Rogan has any plans to shake up Donkey Kong’s voice for the rest of the movie, but for now, it seems he’s going to be playing Mario’s rival fairly straight in the animated film.

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