New Hellraiser Cenobite ‘The Weeper’ was nearly MUCH more disturbing


The new Hellraiser hits Hulu tomorrow, and on the eve of its release, the filmmakers have been discussing a sick Cenobite scene that didn’t make it into the movie.

The new Hellraiser movie premiered at Fantastic Fest last week, from where we posted this early review.

Following the screening, Hellraiser director David Bruckner, writers Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski, and star Jamie Clayton took to the stage to discuss making the movie.

Clayton – who plays The Priest – revealed that wearing the Pinhead make-up gave her panic attacks, while Bruckner explained how Hellraiser originator Clive Barker influenced the production. Then talked turned to the new Cenobites.

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How Hellraiser’s Weeper Cenobite nearly looked

Speaking about returning Cenobites, the filmmakers said Chatterer was a given due to his being a fan favorite, while they also said Butterball was never a consideration, because no one likes him.

As for new Cenobites, David S. Goyer apparently wrote a bunch of names in his original treatment, without describing them, so it was down to Collins and Piotrowski to elaborate.

The Weeper in HellraiserHulu

One of those names is The Weeper, who is played by Yinka Olorunnife in the movie. But what appears onscreen was nearly much more messed up, as the writers explain…

“The Weeper’s arm split originally – there’s also these incisions in her torso and we storyboarded out and built a Weeper that slit all the way down so that she was a quadruped with a torso shrine and a head on top. For a Riley interaction that was going to happen on the terrace. Unfortunately we ran out of days.”

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Introducing new Cenobite The Asphyx

Another new Cenobite is The Asphyx, played by Zacahry Hing, and inspired by autoerotic asphyxiation. Here the writers explain the birth of the character…

“We were thinking how do we make new Cenobites? What are new types of pain? What are new types of eroticised pain that we can play with and different things that we can do beyond just sticking something sharp into somebody? So the idea of this guy who’s got a foreskin over his face all the time and is struggling to breathe felt right and felt on-brand.”

The writers then added that they want Asphyx action figures for their desks.

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Hellraiser is streaming on Hulu from tomorrow, which you can subscribe to here, while the rest of us are still waiting for news of the film’s international release, which Bruckner tweeted about here.