My Hero Academia Season 6 finale drops first-look trailer

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My Hero Academia Season 6 is reaching its endgame, and the finale now has an epic promo trailer to get fans hyped for it.

My Hero Academia, the anime based on the manga by Kohei Horikoshi, is approaching its finale. The highly anticipated Liberation War arc is sadly coming to an end, with the last few episodes covering the Black Hero arc.

This season has been filled with epic highs and lows, and has overall been one of the best stints of the show so far, with only one episode left and fans hyped to see how the season will end.

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And now the flames of that hype are being fanned, as a new promotional video has just been released, teasing what’s in store for the finale.

My Hero Academia finale trailer promises “a new vow”

The Black Hero arc has already been set up with these final few episodes of the sixth season of My Hero Academia, and the finale is set to premiere this week.

Not only is this a climactic time for the season, but for the series as a whole, as the current arc will travel into the events of the grand finale of the My Hero Academia story.

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As is often the case with this show’s finales, the episode seems to be very reflective, as our heroes consider what has already happened, and what is soon to come. The episode is aptly titled ‘No Man is an Island’ and you can watch the trailer for it below:

Deku continues his typical explanatory narration in this promo, stating: “After returning to U.A., I made a new vow with my friends from Class A. We vowed to take back what we had lost. That’s right. We would all move together, and get those smiles back.”

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After the big fight between Deku and Class 1-A last episode, they will all be moving forward together in their recovery from the losses of the Liberation War arc. But this episode not only focuses on them, but All Might as well.

Since losing his powers, All Might has constantly been questioning his place in a superhero society, and now this crisis will seemingly come to a head, as Hero Killer Stain is back, with a new desire to kill All Might.

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Stain is one of the series’ best villains, so this may be one of the best finales of the show so far. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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