Ms. Marvel Iman Vellani opens up on MCU future and controversial change to her powers

Josh Tyler
Iman Vellani dishes on Ms. Marvel in a new AMAMarvel/Disney+

In an AMA (Ask Me Anything), Ms. Marvel actress Iman Vellani dished on some of her biggest hopes for Kamala Khan’s MCU future.

The end of Ms. Marvel left viewers with plenty of questions about where the titular Kamala Khan goes next.

The character will re-appear in the 2023 movie The Marvels, where presumably Khan will meet her idol Carol Danvers. But beyond that, it’s unclear what Ms. Marvel’s role will be in the future of the MCU.

The actress herself, Iman Vellani, took to Reddit answering questions from fans on the official Marvel Studios subreddit, giving a bit of insight into where she would like to see the character go next. Warning, spoilers for Ms. Marvel below.

On the controversial origin of Ms. Marvel

One of the biggest twists of the finale was the retconning of the origin of Kamala Khan’s powers. In the comics, she is an Inhuman who gets her powers from Kree technology called Terrigen Mist.

In Ms. Marvel, though, Kamala gets her powers not through Terrigen Mist but through a bangle passed down from her grandmother. The big reveal in the finale was that it wasn’t just the bangle giving her powers, but a “mutation” in her genes.

This word, accompanied by a sting of the 1997 X-Men theme, heavily implies that Ms. Marvel is the first official mutant featured in the MCU, a decision that not all fans were supportive of. But Vellani said of the decision, “I do think the mcu is in a very different place than the comics were.”

She also pointed to the fact that, initially, the creator of Ms. Marvel wanted her to be a mutant so this change is more true to the original intent of the character.

Ultimately, Vellani said “I’m a huge xmen fan and what an incredible honour to be the first official mutant in the mcu!!! It was the original intent for the comic character anyway.”

On future MCU team-ups for Ms. Marvel

Of course, fans wanted to know which characters Iman would want to work with and collaborate on in the future. While she was highly complimentary of all the MCU heroes and enthusiastic about the possibility of a Young Avengers in the future, there was one hero who stood out to her.

When one user asked for her favorite comic adaptations of Ms. Marvel that she would like to see team up with the character, Vellani had one answer: Wolverine.

“I would love to see a kamala/ wolverine dynamic in the MCU,” she said.

With Ms. Marvel now being confirmed as the first mutant in the series, it seems pretty likely that she and Wolverine will cross paths at some point.