Ms. Marvel Episode 1: Is there a post-credit scene?

Kamala in her Captain Marvel cosplayMarvel/Disney+

Marvel is renowned for its teasing post-credit scenes, and Ms. Marvel’s first episode hints at what’s to come in the series. SPOILERS for Ms. Marvel ahead…

Ms. Marvel‘s first episode bebuted on Disney+ today. The episode is fun, but doesn’t really set up any future antagonists or danger. That is, until its post-credit scene.

Ultimately, to answer the question: Yes, Ms. Marvel’s first episode has a post-credit scene.

The MCU has made the post-credit scene a cultural mainstay in cinema, but up until now, post-credit scenes hadn’t really been featured in it’s TV shows, especially not their first episodes. But Ms. Marvel is already considered a trailblazing show, so it figures that this would be the series to have one.

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What happens in the Ms. Marvel post-credit scene?

The post-credit scene is a direct result of the episode’s events. While at AvengerCon – an Avengers-themed Comic Con event – Ms. Marvel, aka Kamala Khan, suddenly unlocks her powers while taking part in a Captain Marvel cosplay contest.

Ms. Marvel unlocks her powers at AvengerConMarvel/Disney+
Ms. Marvel accidently reeks havoc at AvengerCon

Her powers, while impressing everyone in the contest, leads to chaos after she knocks over an Ant-Man statue. She and best friend Bruno manage to get away before being caught, but inevitably the incident is filmed and shared across the internet.

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The video ends up on the phone of Agent Deever, at the Department of Damage Control – the D.O.D.C. She picks up the phone from a desk filled with Wanted posters, and takes it to another agent at the department, Agent Cleary.

a phone on a police desk in Ms MarvelMarvel/Disney+
Kamala accidently goes viral in Ms. Marvel’s first episode

At first he dismisses the video, stating that Kamala is “just a teenager with too much time on their hands.”

It isn’t until Deever claims she’s “never seen powers like that” that the man takes a closer look.

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Agent Cleary looking at a phone in Ms MarvelMarvel/Disney+
The viral video potentially means trouble for Ms. Marvel

And with an ominous close-up of Agent Cleary, he states, “Bring her in.”

Agent Deever – played by Alysia Reiner – is a new character, but MCU super fans will likely recognise Agent Cleary, and understand that this is bad news for Kamala.

Who is Agent Cleary?

Played by Arian Moayed, Agent Cleary first appeared in Spider-Man: No Way Home, and was the agent who interrogated Peter Parker for the supposed murder of Mysterio.

Cleary was depicted as a ruthless and unempathetic agent, who clearly didn’t care about the well-being of the young hero. This makes him a problem for Kamala.

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Agent cleary and peter parker in No way homeMarvel/Disney+
Agent Cleary was very antagonistic in Spider-Man: No Way Home

Cleary also revealed that he was aware of Nick Fury’s departure from Earth during the events of Far From Home (while being impersonated by a Skrull), which was something that Peter didn’t know. Cleary obviously has important connections and knowledge.

Cleary works for the Department of Damage Control, a government agency founded by Stark Industries and S.H.I.E.L.D, which has the job of cleaning up after any superhuman battles. They first appeared in Spider-Man Homecoming, after the Battle Of New York.

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However, the D.O.D.C now appears to be a much more antagonist force, and are seemingly on the hunt for young superhumans. But why?

What does this post-credit scene mean for Ms. Marvel?

Post-credit scenes are generally used to set up intrigue and mystery, and Ms. Marvel’s end scene definitely creates a lot of questions.

Since Kamala caused a lot of chaos at AvengerCon, fans can assume that D.O.D.C is bringing her in to reprimand her, and to potentially place her under their watch. The fact that a villain hasn’t been established in the first episode makes it seem like Cleary himself will be a primary antagonist.

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Some fans have even wondered if this scene actually has something to do with the Child Hero Reconnaissance and Disruption Law Enforcement – C.R.A.D.L.E – which became a large part of the Ms Marvel comic book series.

Ms Marvel stands proudly in her comic bookMarvel
The Ms. Marvel comic books may be influencing the story more than we think

C.R.A.D.L.E was established in the comics after Ms. Marvel landed in a coma during a battle, and “Kamala’s Law” was passed, forbidding anyone under the age of 21 from operating as a superhero. Ironically, this law was hated by Ms. Marvel, and she frequently attempted to save people regardless.

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C.R.A.D.L.E could perhaps be a division of D.O.D.C, especially as Cleary has gone after a teenage superhero before. Though considering that a lot about comic book Ms. Marvel has already been changed for the MCU, it’s probable that Cleary’s established role will remain the same, and D.O.D.C will become the antagonistic operation for Ms. Marvel instead.

However, Cleary doesn’t seem like a full-on evil villain, more so a morally-gray government agent. The same can be said for many other characters in the MCU, even Nick Fury himself. While Peter was given a hard time by Cleary, he had been accused of murder. It’s possible that Kamala isn’t actually in any trouble, since she hasn’t done anything too awful.

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And it’s hard to say what exactly D.O.D.C is planning to do with her. Perhaps, in the wake of the old Avengers, the Government is looking for new heroes to recruit. Getting to the hero as soon as their superpowers surface is how Nick Fury assembled his team, and considering his deep knowledge of Fury, Cleary may be planning something similar. After all, the Department of Damage Control was founded by Tony Stark to be a response team to global catastrophes.

We already know that Kamala will be joining Captain Marvel in upcoming film The Marvels, so connections with D.O.D.C may help her in getting there.

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Ms Marvel waving while surrounded by lightsMarvel/Disney+
Ms. Marvel is filled with fun – for now

There are five more episodes of Ms. Marvel to go, so fans will simply have to wait and see what happens. But either way, Kamala’s normal life is clearly over.

Ms. Marvel will continue streaming on Disney+ every Wednesday.