Morgan’s Fear The Walking Dead Season 6 transformation finally revealed

. 2 years ago
Morgan in Fear The Walking Dead

Fear The Walking Dead Season 6 is approaching and Morgan Jones appears to have undergone a huge character transformation since the curtain’s closed last time out. 

He is one of the series’ most complex figures, without doubt. Morgan is loved by many in the TWD community and Robert Kirkman himself has even admitted that the actor who plays the role, Lennie James, has done things with the character nobody could have imagined.

At the end of Season 5, we saw Morgan struggling after being shot. He was pretty much left to die in the closing scene as a herd of zombies came rushing towards his location, and a teaser released since confirmed he survived the attack.

Now, we know even more about what’s happened to him. A new look has been revealed, as well as a fresh attitude.

What happened to Morgan in Fear The Walking Dead?

Morgan Fear The Walking Dead
Morgan was left to die in Season 5, but it looks like he escaped.

On August 27, the FearTWD account on Twitter posted yet another teaser. This time it was a short trailer.

It shows him with a whole different look, messy hair and all. That patented stick he uses to fight with is also by his side, foreshadowing a return to the dark days.

He says: “Morgan Jones is dead. You’re dealing with somebody else now.”

Many fans might have thought he actually might be dead in Season 6, although now we know he’s just talking about the softer side of his character.

In the past, particularly in the original Walking Dead series, Morgan went through a rough patch where he felt like he had to “clear” different areas of territory. Then, the figure eventually left the series to heal mentally, before appearing in the popular spinoff.

Knowing what we do now, you could soon see the emergence of one of the show’s biggest villains after being gunned down. Revenge looks to be on the menu, which puts a big target on Virginia’s head. After all, they pulled the trigger and he could easily have been a walker this season.

Other Morgan teaser

A previous teaser simply read: “The Past is Dead” showing his face, painted with red text over the top.

No matter what the future holds for Morgan, one thing is certain: the next time we see him wield the stick in Fear The Walking Dead, we can’t be sure what he’s going to do.

The show’s first episode of Season 6 premieres on October 11, 2020 on AMC.

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