Morgan’s alive in Fear The Walking Dead Season 6, but there’s a catch

Morgan in Fear The Walking DeadAMC

Morgan was a fan favorite in the original Walking Dead series and that popularity spilled over in Fear The Walking Dead. But, his return in Season 6 might not be the type fans would want. 

The charismatic fictional character is portrayed by Lennie James. He has played Morgan Jones right since the very beginning when he showed up in TWD Season 1, later returning in the seventh season. Back then, he was a man with a stick and you didn’t want to mess with him.

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He rode into the sunset in Season 8, wanting to heal himself alone after experiencing some mental health problems. Since that time, Morgan has had a huge role to play in FTWD, before being shot and left near a hungry pack of walkers at the end of Season 5.

If you thought he was gone forever, though, think again.

Is Morgan dead in Fear The Walking Dead?

Morgan in The Walking DeadAMC
Morgan used to be in The Walking Dead, before hopping over to Fear The Walking Dead.

New Fear The Walking Dead Season 6 art has been released, showing Morgan front and center.

This pretty much confirms his return to the show, and the fact that he’s still alive, but perhaps not for long.

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As seen below, the character can be seen with bright red eyes and the words “The Past is Dead” across his face. He’s had a rough ride in both series so far, and being shot by Virginia might just be the making – or breaking – of him.

He doesn’t quite look like a walker just yet, but that’s certainly something they might be teasing in the image. That, or the surge of a new master villain in Fear The Walking Dead. Whatever the case may be, we can be certain of one thing. Morgan won’t be the same in Season 6.

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In a statement, Lennie James revealed: “Last season left Morgan in a very perilous situation. We cannot wait for you to discover what happens next to him and the rest of the group in our new season this fall.

“A truly transformative season that will see all of the gang challenged in ways they haven’t ever been before. Some will rise. Some will fall. None will remain the same.”

Fear The Walking Dead Season 6 Comic-Con  trailer

In the season’s Comic-Con trailer, unveiled on July 24, Morgan’s fate was left wide open.

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He featured in the very start, bleeding severely, as a pack of zombies closed in on his location.

When does Fear The Walking Dead Season 6 premiere?

For those looking to catch the action live, the Fear The Walking Dead Season 6 premiere will be shown on AMC, October 11. It starts at 9pm (ET).

Then, and only then, will we know about Morgan’s future.

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