MoistCr1tikal praises The Last of Us HBO show as a “faithful” adaptation

MoistCr1tikal TLOUYouTube: HBO Max

MoistCr1tikal lauded the premiere of HBO’s new show The Last of Us, saying it should be the model for how other gaming studios treat their IP.

The Last of Us has already received near-universal praise from television and film critics for everything from its score to the acting and action. Only one episode has aired as of this writing but those who have watched are already hailing the show as the next massive franchise.

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Considered by many to have broken the “video game adaptation curse” – while ignoring other massive hits adapting video games like Arcane, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, and Castlevania – The Last of Us has naturally drawn support from many gamers.

One of the most outspoken gamers, MoistCr1tikal, has added his name to among those praising the game.

MoistCr1tikal calls The Last of Us a “faithful” adaptation

Cr1tikal lauded his adoration onto the new HBO show, consistently applauding how faithful the show was to the game.

He often compared The Last of Us to the widely-panned Halo adaptation to highlight the differences in how to handle a major gaming IP. In particular, he highlighted how involving the game’s creator in the adaptation proved to be a key in maintaining the feel and quality of the game.

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“Neil Druckmann is clearly on board…and it is very obvious. What should have been a no-brainer to absolutely everyone has apparently become super rare. You shouldn’t be giving your IP to people who don’t know anything about it and actively f*cking dislike it like the Halo tv show.”

But Cr1tikal acknowledged that the show wasn’t a completely faithful one-to-one adaptation, as there are differences and additions not present in the game. However, he was pleased with the changes.

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“The extra stuff they put in here that wasn’t present in the game doesn’t feel like extra stuff…it feels very at home in the universe, like it fleshes out the universe even more and adds to it.”

While he is not ready to completely hop aboard the bandwagon and label The Last of Us the greatest show on television yet, MoistCr1tikal is certainly encouraged by episode one.