Millie Bobby Brown is seemingly engaged and fans have mixed reactions

Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi pictured togetherInstagram: Millie Bobby Brown, Instagram: Jake Bongiovi

Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi have hinted that they are now engaged and fans are sharing how they feel about it.

Since the beginning of their relationship in 2021, Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown and her partner Jake Bongiovi have shared photos of their time together online. In an interview for WIRED in November 2022, Brown confirmed that she had met Bongiovi on Instagram.

The couple’s social media love story is a typical Gen Z tale, and fans have generally been all for it. From adorable candid shots to captions professing their love for one another, the two have not been private about how they feel.

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Brown and Bongiovi have just shared more photos of their time together, and fans are freaking out.

Is Millie Bobby Brown engaged to Jake Bongiovi?

The Instagram post that has surprised fans was shared by Brown this morning. It included a black and white photo of the two embracing one another on the beach. The one major detail that has fans thinking she has confirmed her engagement to Bongiovi is the large ring on her finger.

Bongiovi also took to Instagram today, sharing images of the two embracing one another, captioning the shots with just one word: “Forever.” If Brown’s post hadn’t seemingly confirmed her engagement to Bongiovi enough, the latter’s one word did.

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While fans have generally responded positively to the two in the past, many seem to be torn on the possible engagement.

Most cite Brown’s age as their reason for concern, with plenty of humorous tweets poking fun at the fact that Brown is engaged at 19, while others in their 20s and 30s are still struggling with adult life.

Despite some negativity, other fans are expressing their congratulations or responding defensively to remarks on behalf of the couple. One user on Twitter replied to someone criticizing the apparent engagement, stating that Brown is “old enough to go die for Ukraine” so she should be able to marry.

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Overall, it seems as though the reactions to the star’s possible engagement have been a mixed bag. Some have made funny jokes or responded positively while others have been outwardly negative. Neither Brown nor Bongiovi have officially confirmed the engagement yet.