Michelle Yeoh goes viral after Golden Globes speech: “Shut up please”

Michelle Yeoh at the Golden GlobesNBC

Michelle Yeoh didn’t allow herself to be cued offstage at the Golden Globes, and her hilarious speech has quickly gone viral.

The legendary actress took home the award for Best Actress in a Musical/Comedy for her performance in Everything Everywhere All at Once, with her co-star Ke Huy Quan also winning a Golden Globe.

Maddeningly, it was Yeoh’s first nomination and win at the ceremony, paving the way for her to be nominated for – and perhaps even win – an Oscar in the coming months.

The room exploded when her win was announced by Ana de Armas – however, the organizers tried to cut her speech short. Yeoh wasn’t having any of it.

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Michelle Yeoh tells Golden Globes piano to “shut up”

Two minutes into Yeoh’s speech, the dreaded piano started to play. This is used by the Golden Globes to keep winners’ speeches from overrunning, but Yeoh was far from finished.

“Shut up, please… I could beat you up, okay? And that’s serious,” she joked.

The clip made its way onto social media, where it’s been viewed more than one million times. “The badass that is Michelle Yeoh! And at the age of 60 she’s still kicking asses as the best pro out there,” one user wrote.

“I would’ve apologized and packed up my instrument,” another wrote. “They tried cutting off Michelle Yeoh from her acceptance speech and she SAID SHUT UP, I CAN BEAT YOU UP LOLOLOL QUEEN,” a third tweeted.

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“Michelle Yeoh telling the Golden Globes playoff music ‘Shut up please, I can beat you up’ is the energy I’m carrying into 2023,” another wrote. “Michelle Yeoh telling the piano people to ‘Shut up please, I can beat you up’ because she isn’t done with her speech yet THAT’S MOTHER MOTHERING,” a fifth tweeted.

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