MHA chapter 386: Is All Might going to make the ultimate sacrifice?

An image of All Might from season 6 of MHACrunchyroll

My Hero Academia’s “Final Act Saga” is getting more intense by the day. All Might has been a central character in MHA. However, chapter 386 may have hinted at something fans would never want for him.

My Hero Academia chapter 386 indeed stood up to the expectations established by the previous one. The chapter focuses on Tenya Iida and Shoto Todoroki. Additionally, it also shows glimpses of All For One, but the primary focus of this chapter is the most controversial member of the Todoroki family, Dabi. The battle between Dabi and Endeavor is sure to take a new turn now that Shoto is on his way. 

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Although exhausted from previous battles, with Shoto and Iida on their way, it won’t be long before Dabi is finally defeated. The chapter features Dabi’s flames being concentrated into a small core reaching its pinnacle. This core will explode in a very short time, and Dabi’s body will dissolve with it. When it explodes, it will cremate everything within a 5km radius. 

Now that Dabi is planning something far more dangerous than simply taking revenge on Endeavor, it’s interesting to see how Shoto will save the day. All Might inform Iida and Shoto about Dabi’s plan. However, chapter 386 of MHA ends in a rather ambiguous way with no way of knowing what will become of All Might. 

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What does All Might do in MHA chapter 386?

An image of All Might ready to sacrifice himself in MHA chapter 386Viz Media

It was all going well up until Iida carried Shoto on his back to take him where Dabi was. However, the most unexpected thing is All Might stepping into the battle. Ever since losing his powers, All Might has been resenting his weakness and being someone who needs to be protected. Things get even worse when all he can do is watch his fellow heroes die one by one. The retired hero isn’t content with being a bystander in the most intense war Japan has ever been in. 

However, chapter 386 of MHA changes that for All Might. Though quirkless, All Might finally decide to join the battle. The former number one hero himself has to face a threat posed by All For One, who is continuously getting stronger and moving closer to Shigaraki. When faced with Tsukauchi’s concern, All Might simply reply that it is destiny to take on All For One. As he steps into the path of All For One, All Might speaks his iconic catchphrase, “I am here.” 

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While doing so, fans can’t help but worry about his fate, especially when Sir Nighteye has already foreseen his death. With the way the series has been killing off characters, there’s no telling what will happen to All Might. Whatever it is, one is sure that All Might prove that he was never the number one hero because of his quirk. Even as powerless as he is now, he doesn’t even flinch at the sight of standing against the world’s most dangerous man.

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