MCU Phase 5 & 6 being “reevaluated” by Marvel after negative feedback

Kevin Feige in front of the MCU Marvel logoMarvel Studios/Rotten Tomatoes

Marvel is reportedly “re-evaluating” Phase Five and Six of the MCU, opting for “quality over quantity” after the negative feedback from Phase Four.

Phase Three was the most culturally significant batch of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, from Captain America: Civil War and Black Panther to Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame.

Moving on was always going to be difficult, and while global restrictions got in the way of Kevin Feige’s plans, the franchise’s return in Phase Four has been particularly rocky.

There have been more misses than hits with the movies (unless you look at the box office), and that’s before we get to the buffet of television on Disney+. Going forward, things may be different.

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Marvel “re-evaluating” MCU Phase 5 & 6

According to a new report from The Cosmic Circus, Marvel is rumored to be considering a rejig of the Phase Five and Six line-ups after “negative feedback about how Phase Four was handled regarding product distribution and quality.”

In terms of quantity, the figures speak for themselves: in the space of two years, we’ve had seven movies, two special presentations, and eight TV shows, all part of a single phase. That’s 17 releases, compared to Phase Three spacing out 11 movies over three years.

It also comes amid Bob Iger’s reinstatement as Disney CEO, with Deadline reporting upcoming restructuring under the returning chief executive.

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“As contemplated by the leadership change announcement, we anticipate that within the coming months Mr. Iger will initiate organizational and operating changes within the Company to address the Board’s goals,” a filing noted.

Several users have joked about Iger fuming at Feige over how many TV shows Marvel has pumped out, but the prevailing opinion appears to be that the franchise has become overexposed, feeling more like a game of constant catchup than the emotional investment of yesteryear.

“Moving forward, they are interested in pushing a quality-over-quantity approach to these phases as a way to address the issues some audiences have had with Phase Four,” The Cosmic Circus added.

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