Marvel scrapped Rob Zombie’s ‘The Punisher 2’, says Thomas Jane

An image of Thomas Jane as The PunisherLionsgate, Marvel

The Punisher actor Thomas Jane was set to team up with The Munsters director Rob Zombie, but the project was shelved according to the former Marvel actor.

Before Jon Bernthal redefined Frank Castle aka The Punisher in the MCU for Netflix, it was Thomas Jane who gave the character a true cinematic adventure. Following the divisive Dolph Lundgren attempt prior, Jane’s version of Castle faced off against a villainous John Travolta in 2004.

While a sequel was thought to be on the cards, the former Marvel actor has revealed that Halloween remake director Rob Zombie was once attached to direct.

Rob Zombie nearly directed The Punisher 2 for Marvel

Speaking to Movie Web at Fanboy Expo Knoxville, Thomas Jane revealed previously unknown details about his canceled Punisher sequel. Jane explained that “there were a couple of iterations of Punisher 2” in the works after his 2004 debut as the character.

“One of them was with Rob Zombie directing, which I thought would have been interesting,” continued Jane.

The sequel never made it out of the pitching stage according to Jane: “That was one iteration. We were batting around script ideas and trying to find a new director.”

An image of Thomas Jane as The PunisherLionsgate, Marvel
Jane took on The Punisher mantle after Dolph Lundgren’s attempt in 1989.

Jane’s involvement was down to the hands of Marvel, however, with the actor clarifying that “the Marvel folks wanted to go with a different director.”

“That was their choice, so it was like, ‘Who is that person going to be?'”

Long before the birth of the MCU, there were multiple attempts to lay the foundations for Marvel’s cinematic adventures. Tepid projects like Elektra and Daredevil failed to leave an impression, while Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy shaped the future of superhero cinema for decades to come.

In 2012, Jane reprised his role as Frank Castle in the unofficial short film Dirty Laundry, which had fans at the time hopeful for his return.

With the multiversal possibilities of Secret Wars coming in the future, who knows, perhaps Jane will don the Skull t-shirt once more.