Marvel reportedly didn’t tell VFX team they had one fewer month for work on Infinity War

VFX artists were caught off guard by a change to the Infinity War release date.YouTube: Marvel Entertainment

Marvel’s treatment of the VFX team was so bad they reportedly didn’t tell them the Infinity War release date was being moved up a month.

Treatment of VFX artists in the film and television industries has been a hot topic recently, with many workers alleging poor pay and bad working conditions.

Marvel, one of the biggest studios in the world, has been one of the biggest offenders for mistreating VFX artists, with some shocking stories regarding how the studio has dealt with the workers.

The latest story from Gizmodo may take the cake.

VFX artists discuss the negative impact Marvel is having on the industry.YouTube: Marvel Entertainment

VFX artists talked about how superhero movies have become the lifeblood of the industry, meaning studios have little bargaining power against giants like Marvel.

But in one galling display, a VFX artist says that their team did not learn that the release dates to two of the biggest MCU films – Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame – were moved up by a month until the news was released to the rest of the world.

“I remember being on the floor with my team and one of my artists comes to me and says, ‘Hey, you see this?’ and he shows me the article saying Marvel bumped the release date up a month.”

When a supervisor asked Marvel about the new date and why they had not been informed, the contact at Marvel apparently said the studio had “forgotten” to tell the VFX team.

As the artist said “we found out from a press release that we had one less month to work on all these shots.”

Having an entire month less for this work led to crunch and a lot of tired workers. Even though the movies turned out incredibly, it’s quite sad that the effects artists had to work under such conditions.