Marvel producer teases two X-Men for MCU reboot

x-MEN20th Century Studios

The X-Men’s return to the MCU is no secret, but two mutants in particular have been hinted for a future appearance.

As seen at last year’s Comic-Con Hall H showcaseMarvel is seemingly always 50 steps ahead of their audience, which means that there’s plenty of new things to look forward to. This includes the MCU’s potential plans to pivot to the X-Men after the next two phases are complete.

We’ve already seen rumors for future X-Men movies, Professor X appeared in Doctor Strange 2, Wolverine is set to appear in Deadpool 3, and other mutants are already being laced into the world of the MCU, but now the heads of Marvel want to take this even further.

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It as been revealed which X-Men mutants are the ones that Marvel producers want to see joining the MCU.

Storm and Bishop could be joining the MCU

Recently, Marvel Studios Producer Nate Moore revealed to Deadline which two X-Men he’d want to join the Marvel universe. When asked about which black superheroes he’d be excited to see onscreen, the producer immediately answered:

“There’s no secret the X-Men are coming home, and boy, if you talk about Storm and Bishop, they’re two of the great characters in that franchise, that I certainly could pitch you ideas all day of.”

While the X-Men films have yet to be put into development, with Moore explaining that “we’re early, early, early days,” he clearly wanted fans to know that plans are in the works.

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How could these X-Men be portrayed in the MCU?

Firstly, for those who don’t know who Bishop is, he is an anti-hero that was born and raised in a mutant concentration camp, hence the “M” branding on his face. As for powers, he is advanced in terms of physicality, speed, and damage resistance, and is also able to absorb any form of energy, and fire it back combatively.

Bishop x-menMarvel Comics

As Bishop has yet to really be shown in any onscreen medium – he briefly appeared in 2014’s Days of Future Past – this gives Marvel the chance – and the pressure – to portray him anyway they want. However, Storm may be another issue.

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Storm has already been played by Halle Berry and Alexandra Shipp, though these portrayals have been rather touch and go across the films. But her Goddess powers and leadership skills give her a lot of potential as a character, so we can hope that the MCU would handle her right.

How the characters will be introduced is another question. Bishop’s main storyline involves time travel, which the MCU has already established, so perhaps this could come into play again in future phases.

Likely we’ll have to see how the X-Men as a whole get introduced before any specific characters come into play. Fingers crossed that’s sometime soon.

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