Marvel fans are convinced Lady Sif is returning for Loki’s Disney+ series


Lady Sif actor Jaimie Alexander has sparked rumors that she could be reprising her Marvel character in the upcoming Loki series on Disney Plus.

Alexander hasn’t portrayed the formerly-major character since Thor: The Dark World, where she helped the God of Thunder in the war against Malekith and the Dark Elves. Fans have spent years wondering whether she’ll ever return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

While the most obvious place for her to return would seem to be in the upcoming sequel Thor: Love and Thunder, a new post on Instagram has led to speculation that she’ll actually make an appearance in the Disney+ spin-off series starring Tom Hiddleston’s Loki.

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Tom Hiddleston as LokiMarvel Studios
Disney+ are working on a spin-off series for Loki

Will Lady Sif return to the MCU?

While nothing has been confirmed yet, the actor revealed on her Instagram page that she’s currently flying to Atlanta for unknown “work” related reasons. What’s currently filming in Atlanta? Loki’s Disney+ series. Naturally, fans have jumped to the conclusion that she’s joining the show.

“Jaimie Alexander is going to Atlanta. Loki has only a month of shooting left. Sif is going to be in Loki series. It’s all I can think [right now],” wrote one Sif fan, while another joked that they were “losing it” over the rumor.

It’s not the first time Lady Sif’s return has been teased. Back in February, before production on Loki was delayed due to the ongoing global health crisis, Alexander gave fans hope that she would be bringing her Thor character back with talk of a ‘secret’ project coming up.

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“What am I working on now? I do wish I could tell you,” she said to fans, “but I would probably cease to exist, don’t you think, if I actually told what I have coming up, so I can’t tell you guys but thanks for asking anyway!”

Jaimie Alexander as Lady Sif in ThorDisney
Jaimie Alexander is rumored to reprise her role as Lady Sif in Disney’s Loki series

When asked if she could still ride a horse while wielding a sword, which she did in Thor: The Dark World, she teased, “Yes, once upon a time I was able to do that and I might have to do that again in the future so hopefully, I haven’t lost that gift.”

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Recent casting news has confirmed that Owen Wilson, Richard E. Grant and Sophia Di Martino will all appear in the show. Grant is rumored to be playing an older version of Loki, while it’s been speculated that Martino is playing Lady Loki.

There’s no release date for Loki yet, but you can keep up to date with everything we know about the upcoming Disney+ series – including plot and the already-confirmed second season – right here.