Manifest Season 4 cast: All actors & characters

Ben Stone stands behind Mick Stone in the show ManifestNetflix

Before the final half of Manifest Season 4 premieres, here’s a guide to all the cast and characters you need to know.

Manifest has had a tumultuous existence since it premiered in 2018 and not just because it follows a group of passengers who get off a turbulent flight to find out five years had past since they first boarded the plane.

The show was shown on NBC for its first three seasons and quickly found a home on Netflix right before it was unfortunately canceled through the network. However, due to its success on the platform, Netflix was persuaded to give the show one more season which was split up between November 2022 and June 2023.

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But, before we can wrap up the mystery of what happened to Montego Air Flight 828, here are the characters you should know going into the second part of this series’ finale.


Below you’ll find a list of all the major characters you need to know in the cast of Manifest Season 4 Part 2.

The official synopsis reads: “While traveling from Jamaica to New York City, Montego Air Flight 828 experiences a brief period of severe turbulence. When they land at Stewart International Airport in Newburgh, New York, the plane’s 191 passengers and crew learn from NSA deputy director Robert Vance that over five and a half years have passed while they were in the air, during which time they were presumed dead. As they rejoin society, the passengers begin to face the fact that their lives—and loved ones—are not the same as they were, while they also begin to experience guiding voices and visions representing events yet to occur, referred to as ‘callings.’

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The ‘callings,’ visions or voices, compel the passengers toward some action or person. They also learned they actually died on the flight and were resurrected…but their second life could quickly be coming to an end. A prophesied ‘Death Date,’ the amount of time between a person’s death and their resurrection, is approaching in 2024. To survive, they’ll have to decode the ‘callings’ and lean on each other.”

Michaela “Mick” Stone: Melissa Roxburgh

A close up of Mick Stone in the show ManifestNetflix

Melissa Roxburgh plays Michaela “Mick” Stone, an NYPD cop who, prior to Flight 828, was happy with her boyfriend/fellow cop, Jared. While on 828, Michaela decides to say yes to his proposal only to learn he married her best friend during the five years she was missing. The duo find themselves repeatedly drawn together after her return, briefly embarking on an affair.

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Later, a “calling” brings her to Zeke, whose 2017 near-death experience found him jumping in time a year, much like to the 828ers. With his Death Date approaching, Michaela and Zeke tie the knot. Michaela is often with her brother, Ben, and nephew, Cal, both of whom were also on 828, as well as her now deceased sister-in-law, Grace, and niece, Olive.

Roxburgh’s first major role was in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules, but she has also appeared in TV shows such as Arrow, Supernatural, and the Supernatural spin-off Bloodlines.

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Ben Stone: Josh Dallas

A close up of Ben Stone in the show ManifestNetflix

Josh Dallas plays Ben Stone, a family who, after finding out about his son, Cal’s, terminal cancer diagnosis, decides to go on one last family vacation with Cal, wife Grace, and Cal’s twin Olive. However, when their flight is overbooked, Ben decides to stay with Cal on Flight 828 while Grace and Olive go on a different flight. When Ben and Cal get off 828 and discover how much time has passed, they try to find their new normal.

Ben and Grace eventually reconcile and welcome a daughter, Eden. Ben finds himself following “callings” alongside Michaela while going to great lengths to get to the bottom of what happened with Flight 828 but, after Grace’s death and Eden’s kidnapping, Ben spends his days trying to find his daughter. Though they’re reunited, the family has to contend with yet another crisis as Cal’s health quickly spirals to the point of no return. 

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Dallas is best known for being in the first Thor movie before being recast, but that turned out to be a blessing as he went on to play Prince Charming in the ABC hit show Once Upon a Time for seven years.

Jard Vasquez: J.R. Ramirez

Jared Vasquez wears a suit in the show ManifestNetflix

J.R. Ramirez plays Jared Vasquez, a cop who mourned his fiancée, Michaela, for years after believing she died on Flight 828. He ended up marrying Lourdes, her best friend. However, when 828 returns, Jared and Michaela’s connection has personal and professional ramifications.

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The duo briefly have an affair, leading to the end of his marriage and his career also takes a hit as he investigates 828-related cases and briefly is embedded with the anti-828 group Xers, a group who hate the passengers of 828 as they don’t what their return means for society.

Ramriez is an experienced TV actor as he’s appeared in shows like Jessica Jones and Arrow, but he’s best known for his role as Julio on Starz’s drama Power, which he played for three seasons.

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Olive Stone: Luna Blaise

A close of Olive Stone in the show ManifestNetflix

Luna Blaise plays Olive Stone, a teenager forced to grow up quickly when her father, twin brother, and aunt seemingly perish on 828. But, her world is once again thrown for a loop when they return and she’s now five years older than her twin.

Though she doesn’t have any of the special abilities that her family possesses, Olive uses her resources to research what these “callings” actually are. And it’s proven to be helpful as she realizes the importance of sapphire in the quest for humanity’s survival.

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Blaise has appeared in a few indie and short films, but is best known for her role as Nicole on Fresh off the Boat, which she played for three years.

Cal Stone: Ty Doran

A close up of Cal Stone in the show ManifestNetflix

Ty Doran plays Cal Stone, a cancer-stricken preteen enjoying one last vacation with his family. After the flight, his cancer goes into remission and he becomes the passenger with the closest connection to the “callings.” Due to that inexplicable tie, Cal often relays important information and is the subject of conspiracy theories and attempts on his life from the Xers.

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At the end of Season 3, Cal’s new “calling” leads to a burn on his skin, possibly connected to testing on the 828 wreckage as he touches the plane’s tail fin and disappears. He returns shortly after, five years older just in time to witness his mother’s death. But when Cal returns, so does his cancer. His health quickly declines as his cancer progresses but, with humanity’s fate tied to Cal’s survival, a family member makes an enormous sacrifice to save him.

Doran actually took over the role of Ty from Jack Messina, who portrayed the teen for the show’s first three seasons. Before Manifest, Doran appeared in one-off episodes of American Crime, The Blacklist and Chicago Fire.

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Saavni Bahl: Parveen Kaur

A close up of Saanvi Bahl in the show ManifestNetflix

Parveen Kaur plays Saavni Bahl, a scientist who was working on a possible cure for leukemia prior to boarding Flight 828. When she resurfaces, she finds that her work has been utilized as it has saved countless cancer patients.

With so much unknown about what the 828ers went through, Saanvi is their resident expert/scientist, trying to discover the cause of the “callings” and a way to avoid the death date, even if it means experimenting on herself.

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Kaur’s first break out role was in  Guillermo del Toro’s horror drama series The Strain and she has continued to work on television appearing in shows such as Saving Hope, Workin’ Moms, and 9-1-1.

Zeke Landon: Matt Long

A close up of Zeke Landon in the show ManifestNetflix

Matt Long plays Zeke Landon, a man who goes on a trek after his sister’s ultimately death that leads him to be trapped cave due to a blizzard where he burns everything in his possession to stay alive. The sole bit of comfort he keeps is photo of Michaela, whom he never met, from a magazine commemorating the victims of Flight 828.

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When he finally escapes and has his first “calling,” it compels him to Michaela (who shares a similar pull to him, along with Cal). The duo quickly bond and, when they realize he died in the cave and was resurrected, they opt to tie the knot to live out the rest of their time together before his death date.

After he exhibits signs of frostbite, the way he initially died, Zeke pushes through it to follow a “calling” to save Cal’s life and he ultimately survives his death date. Now, his “callings” have shifted as he is now an empath. The new powers are overwhelming, and Zeke falls off the wagon. But, ultimately, he realizes he can use his empathic abilities to make a very big swing to potentially save the world. 

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Long has starred in films such as Sydney White and Ghost Rider, but is best known for his work on TV as he appeared in Private Practice and Mad Men, which garnered him a nomination for a SAG award.

Angelina Meyer: Holly Taylor

A close up of Angelina Meyer in the show ManifestNetflix

Holly Taylor plays Angelina Meyer, an 828er who is rescued by the Stone family in Season 3 after a “calling” alerts them that her religious family is holding her hostage. But, Angelina’s connection to their youngest daughter Eden quickly becomes dangerous as she’s convinced the child is her guardian angel.

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Angelina tries to test the connection, but, naturally, it scares Eden’s mother, Grace, who kicks her out. Cal, however, hides Angelina in the family home, which leads to tragedy as Grace kidnaps Eden.

While she manages to successfully evade the Stone family for a while, in the end a devastated Angelina loses Eden. She tries to manipulate Ben into giving Eden back to her by invoking a fake calling of the deceased Grace, but ultimately fails. By the end of Season 4 Part 1, Angelina has a fragment of the powerful sapphire embedded in her and is out for revenge.

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Robert Vance: Daryl Edwards

A close up of Daryl Edwards in the show ManifestNetflix

Robert Vance plays Daryl Edwards, the director of the NSA who is tasked with figuring out what happened to Flight 828. He briefly fakes his own death, continuing his work secretly, and then struggles with whether he should go back to working with the government again. Ultimately, he does, working on Project Eureka, which was examining the wreckage from Flight 828 until the reconstructed plane vanished into thin air.

Though they have reason to trust very few people, Saanvi and Vance strike up a decent partnership when their work is sabotaged and they have to destroy as much as they can before it’s removed from their possession.

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Manifest is Vance’s first major recurring role, but he has appeared in several episodes of The Politician, The Americans, and Daredevil.

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