Major Walking Dead death teased for Season 10 finale Whisperers battle

Alpha and The Whisperers in Walking DeadAMC

The Whisperers look set to take out one of the main characters in The Walking Dead Season 10 finale, as Daryl Dixon teases a major exit in the latest teaser trailer. 

The show has experienced some big cast changes in recent times, with the likes of Rick Grimes – played by Andrew Lincoln – having left in Season 9. And now, another big departure could be on the horizon, with potentially a member of the main group being killed off again.

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We already know Maggie is coming back for the finale, which airs in October. That was confirmed in a previous trailer, but the latest doesn’t appear to bring the same good news vibe.

Instead, it looks like the Whisperers are going to claim the life of another survivor.

Whisperers in TWDAMC
The Whisperers, led by Alpha, are dangerous customers. They peel skin from their victims and use it to blend in with zombies.

New Walking Dead Season 10 finale teaser trailer

If you were hoping this conflict between the Whisperers and the major characters of the series would blow over without a hitch, you’ve got another thing coming.

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In a new Walking Dead Special Event trailer, Daryl Dixon can be heard saying: “We’re not all gonna make it through. But this is the only way.”

That begs the question as to which one will not make it through. After all, dressed as walkers, these are the most mysterious, camouflaged, and dangerous group of enemies they have ever had to face off with. Who knows when they will strike.

When is TWD Season 10 finale coming out?

People have been waiting months for this finale to drop on AMC, following a delay due to the current global situation. Yet, now it’s just around the corner – airing on October 4. 

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Some fans were even wondering if another major character in Fear The Walking Dead would be making an exit in Season 6. Although Morgan, the character in question, has appeared in teasers since. He survived, despite being shot in Season 5 and left to die.

With huge targets on the heads now of both main characters and those in the spinoffs, it makes you wonder how much time we have left with the likes of Daryl, Maggie, Michonne and others. Hopefully, a lot longer than this trailer makes it seem.

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