Luigi spin-off movie seemingly in the works after Super Mario Bros success

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Following the success of the new Super Mario Bros. movie, it appears that a Luigi-focused spin-off is already in the works at Illumination, if leaks hold true.

The Super Mario Bros movie has already been a massive hit, breaking box office records and bringing in positive reviews from many major outlets. 

In Dexerto’s review of the film, we wrote “The Super Mario Bros Movie is committed to incorporating in-game elements to give it a gameplay feel,” though we weren’t quite as high on everything else.

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Due to this immediate success, however, fans are already calling on Nintendo to create more. Bowser voice actor Jack Black has already said he wants a spin-off of the iconic Mario villain. Though fans are hoping that another character is given the spotlight first, with many calling for a Luigi spin-off film to be created.

And if early leaks are anything to go off, it appears this plan could already be in motion. One Reddit user noticed that an alleged actor, one who seemingly worked on the Super Mario Bros film, posted on LinkedIn about an untitled Luigi movie. The post states that the spin-off is already in the works at the studio.

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Super Mario Bros spin-off starring Luigi reportedly in development

Given that Luigi’s voice actor Charlie Day has expressed interest in coming back as the character, this news isn’t too far-fetched. Back in March 2023, Day told Comic Book that he is wanting to get a spin-off in development.

“Yes I do. Big time…You’re not the first [to ask] but let’s get that out in the zeitgeist. Let’s make this happen, okay? I am in.”

However, what the movie will entail is still up for debate. Of course, the beloved Luigi’s Mansion games would be a natural story to adapt into an animated feature. After all, they are one of, if not the only, games in which Luigi is given center stage.

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None of this has been officially confirmed by Nintendo or Illumination, however. The Linkedin post already has been taken down. If and when it is confirmed, we’ll be sure to let you know all the details and what to expect from the Luigi spin-off movie.