League of Legends Arcane: Bridging the Rift will reveal making of hit Netflix show

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Silco staring at camera in Arcane
Riot Games

Riot Games have announced Arcane: Bridging the Rift, a new show which will shine a line on how the popular show was created with a behind-the-scenes look. Here is when the show will air, and how to watch it.

Arcane was one of the biggest shows to premiere on Netflix in 2021, bringing League of Legends to the big screen for the very first time.

With the show being such a massive success, Riot has now announced a new show which will reveal just how the magic was made behind closed doors.

league of legends arcane jinx sits on throne
Netflix: Arcane
Jinx is one of the star characters in Arcane.

Arcane: Bridging the Rift release date

Bridging the Rift will release on August 4 as a five-part series. A new episode will be released every Thursday throughout the month.

Riot has described Bridging the Rift as, “the story of how Arcane came to be.” The show could give us a look into how the creators nailed the beautiful animation style and incredible voice-over work.

Where to watch Arcane: Bridging the Rift

Bridging the Rift will air on Riot’s YouTube channel.

Although Arcane is exclusively on Netflix, the show that will give us a look at how it was created is slated to premiere on the company’s YouTube page, making it free to watch for all.

No trailer has yet to drop for Bridging the Rift, but when it does, we will update this article accordingly.

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