Karl Urban really wants to return as Judge Dredd in ‘Mega-City One’ series


Karl Urban would “love to come back” as gritty enforcement officer Judge Dredd in the comic book franchise’s upcoming TV series spinoff ‘Mega-City One,’ once he’s done filming the next season of Amazon’s superhero show ‘The Boys.’

Urban, 48, portrayed the helmeted comic book warrior in Pete Travis’ 2012 movie. Though the Alex Garland penned flick made just over $40m at the box office, the film’s popularity has soared in the years since, earning it a “cult classic” status.

2000 AD’s famous comic strip is now being turned into a TV series to tap into that popularity, and Urban ⁠— who has had major roles in other pop-culture franchises like ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Star Trek’ in the past ⁠— says he’s totally on board.

Karl Urban first played the stoic Judge Dredd in a single movie back in 2012.Lionsgate
Karl Urban first played the stoic Judge Dredd in a single movie back in 2012.

“Well, listen, it’s very, very early to be getting into any specifics, but I’ve gone on the record before, and I’ll do it again, saying I would love to come back and be part of that world and tell more Dredd stories,” the New Zealand film star told ScreenGeek.

“There is just a plethora of great, great stories within the Judge Dredd universe. I think the legacy of Judge Dredd is in great hands. If I get the opportunity to work with those guys, you can bet your bottom dollar I will be there.

“I think it would be just a really rich and rewarding experience, not only for us to collaborate, but for the fans. So, if that happens, that’d be fantastic. And, if it doesn’t happen for whatever reason, I wish them the best and I can’t wait to see what they do.”

Fret not though Judge Dredd fans ⁠— the Mega-City One series is full-steam ahead, whether or not Urban returns; Rebellion’s Jason Kinglsey has confirmed the scripts are “written and ready to go,” they’re just waiting for the green-light.

“Recently, we’ve been in discussions with Karl about his possible involvement in Mega-City One too. These conversations continue… we’re keen, he’s keen, it’s just a case of us making sure this show is everything we want it to be,” Kingsley revealed.

Urban is currently starring as Billy the Butcher in Amazon's bloody superhero franchise The Boys.Amazon
Urban is currently starring as Billy the Butcher in Amazon’s superhero franchise ‘The Boys.’

Urban may not be the only Judge Dredd actor to return either, if Rebellion gets their way. Kingsley teased 90s action superstar Sylvester Stallone, who played Dredd back in 1995, might be in the works to play a new role too.

The series will allegedly also expand the scope of the Dredd cinematic universe. The story will be “engaging, and multi-thread,” Rebellion has confirmed. There will also be plotlines that take the show “into the wider world of Mega-City One.”

Sylvester Stallone played Dredd in the comic series' first movie adapation back in 1995.Hollywood Pictures
Sylvester Stallone played Dredd in the comic series’ first movie adaptation back in 1995.

Meanwhile, Urban is preparing for the second season of The Boys to air on Amazon later this week. The highly-anticipated follow-up to the superhero show’s explosive first season will premiere its first three episodes on September 4.

Karl Urban has promised the second season will be “even more diabolical” too. “We’re going to really dive into these characters, what makes them tick. We also went bigger in scope; the action in Season 2… it’s ballistic. We can’t wait.”