Jurassic World Dominion Easter eggs: 7 Jurassic Park references you might miss

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jurassic world dominion easter eggs

Jurassic World Dominion takes the series in a new direction as humans and dinosaurs are forced to co-exist, but there are plenty of Easter eggs referencing the original Jurassic Park movies. 

Universal’s multi-billion dollar franchise closed its latest chapter with Dominion, as it’s the third and final Jurassic World movie in the sequel trilogy.

A mischievous Lewis Dodgson returns to the big screen as the next big villain, masking his evil plans with a quirky personality that’s hard to read. As viewers watch the locusts evolve in a way nobody could ever imagine putting the human race at risk, there’s a chance a few tributes to the past will fly under the radar.

That’s what Easter egg lists are for, right?

Warning: The following list may contain spoilers.

Jurassic Park’s Barbasol can was never lost

dodgson and nedry in jurassic park
That infamous shaving foam can was not lost in Jurassic Park 1.

Back in 1993, when the first Jurassic Park took Hollywood by storm, it might have been the fear of dinosaurs that was the biggest draw. These genetically engineered monsters once again roamed the Earth, with billionaire John Hammond wanting to run a theme park full of them for the general public to enjoy.

However, one of the most sinister sub-plots in the first entry was a devious quest, started by Lewis Dodgson and carried out by computer programmer Dennis Nedry. Nedry was bribed to steal embryos from the lab and hide them inside a custom-built Barbasol can (replicas of which have become a popular merchandise product for fans). He ultimately died in his pursuit, dropping the can into a pool of mud, but in Dominion, you will come to learn that Dodgson retrieved it.

It is really cool to see he’s had it sitting in his office, holding onto it almost like a trophy. It was one of the only belongings Lewis tries to save when fleeing the research center. After all, how would he have obtained all of this knowledge of modern-day dinosaurs without it?

Alan Grant kept onto his hat

alan grant in jurassic park
Alan Grant brings his hat to Jurassic World Dominion.

Bringing back iconic characters like Dr. Alan Grant after a 21-year hiatus from the series can be tough. People age. There are so many questions about his story from Jurassic Park 3, onwards.

Well, diehard fans will appreciate one thing – he’s kept his old hat this entire time. In one particular scene with a vicious group of Dimetrodon, protecting it almost kills him.

The T-Rex knows what it’s doing

trex in jurassic world dominion
This is iconic.

One of the most iconic symbols of Jurassic Park was the vintage logo, showing a Tyrannosaurus Rex roaring side-on inside a circle. The image resonates with so many around the world because it’s where it all began, and for those who have ever visited Universal Studios in Florida, we’re sure you’ve seen it a fair few times on t-shirts and hoodies. Not to mention lunchboxes!

In Jurassic Park Dominion, a 2D logo is reimagined multiple times by the T-Rex that threatens the group as they traverse Biosyn’s wild research facility. The dinosaur can be seen looking through circle-shaped objects right throughout, and you’ll love it. A picture-perfect moment.

Ian Malcom brings back that T-Rex distraction tactic

Looking back, Dr. Ian Malcom had some very interesting ways to fend off predators standing at six meters tall, and 12 meters long. During a scene in the first-ever movie, Malcom opted to use a flare fond by Alan to lure away a T-Rex. As he sprints away from it, he launches it into the bushes and the trick doesn’t work. Seconds later, a lawyer sent to inspect the park, Donald Gennaro, found himself between its big teeth.

Luckily enough, in the 29 years that have passed, Malcom has become more creative. In Jurassic World’s third installment, the gifted mathematician uses a stick and a burning locust to recreate the scene in a breathtaking escape plan that gives a big nod to the past.

This time, he was more successful.

Dodgson death is very familiar

dennis nedry in jurassic pak
Dennis Nedry’s little friend returns in Jurassic Park Dominion.

The mastermind behind any evil plan in this universe usually feels the wrath of the genetically engineered monsters they wish to exploit. Lewis Dodgson probably wishes he was an exception to the rule, but the Biosyn chief was handed one of the franchise’s most haunting death scenes.

After using the late Dennis Nedry’s embryo findings to build the company’s secret research base, it turns out such spilled blood caused a chain reaction of very dangerous moments that could threaten mankind. Nedry, of course, fell at the hands of what he thought was a cute, harmless dinosaur. That same small beast eventually blinded him like prey in the wild and shredded him to the bone.

The Dilophosaurus returns in Dominion – though this time, it’s not alone. As Dodgson tried to flee the base after chaos ensues, a power outage leaves him abandoned in a tunnel system. His decision to get out of the pod quickly backfires as he suffers the same fate as the man he bribed.

A distinct sound from the dinosaur rings out, he scurries back inside using an emergency exit, and then he’s surrounded. Stalked, blinded, and torn to pieces.

Stealing juveniles like it’s Jurassic Park 3

blue baby in jurassic world
People have stolen Raptor eggs before, but in Dominion, Blue’s baby is at risk.

While a lot of the Easter eggs and references in Dominion are a tie-in to the first-ever movie, Jurassic Park 3’s strongest theme returns – stealing from Raptors.

Back then, Billy Brennan was the site manager for Alan Grant’s newest dig site at Fort Peck Lake, Montana. He was roped into a wealthy couple’s plan to visit Isla Sorna, where they had lost their son. His background in paleontology meant the only contact he’d ever had with dinosaurs was in excavation, so getting his hands on a real-life Raptor egg was too tempting.

Billy snatched one in his bag, causing a film-long threat from a group of Velociraptors. Eventually, he’s forced to give it back, and luckily they aren’t all killed.

In Jurassic World Dominion, a youngling of Blue is taken by a hunter early doors, meaning the team of scientists has to not just rescue a cloned child but also a dangerous dinosaur. Earning the trust of the franchise’s most dangerous species feels very much like the 2001 movie, as does the celebratory release at the end.

A familiar ending

giganotosaurus jurassic world dominion
The main dinosaur antagonist in Dominion is definitely the Giganotosaurus.

We all remember the final showdown of Jurassic Park. The dangerous Raptors had nearly killed John Hammond’s grandkids a number of times, Lex and Tim Murphy. They threatened to take out the entire team when the park’s power went down.

However, an unlikely hero came to their rescue, in the end, to fend off the speedy predators – a Tyrannosaurus Rex (still no idea how it got in the building).

History repeats itself in the final chapter of the sequel trilogy, as the mighty Giganotosaurus meets its match in the knick of time. Just as the main characters are looking to get aboard their helicopter ride out of there, the Giganotosaurus tries to attack them – but a deadly duo of both T-Rex and Therizinosaurus send the crowd home happy.

There are so many odes to the original boxset found in the final chapter of Jurassic World, yet not all of them will be spotted in your first screening. If you have spotted something interesting that could be a contender for our list, hit me up on Twitter. 

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