Jujutsu Kaisen: The loophole in the Binding Vow of Sukuna and Yuji

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In Jujutsu Kaisen, the Binding Vow between Sukuna and Yuji hinted that the former might not be too evil. However, that all changes when Sukuna fools Yuji with a loophole in the conditions of the contract.

Jujutsu Kaisen has always portrayed Sukuna as a mysterious character. Even if the manga is approaching its climax, fans still don’t know much about the “God of Curses.” Though Sukuna’s actual goals are unclear, from hints given throughout Jujutsu Kaisen thus far, it’s clear that he could easily cause an earth-shattering event. 

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To achieve his goals, Sukuna forms a Binding Vow with Yuji Itadori during the initial parts of the story. After Sukuna “kills” Yuji, the two talk in the former’s domain. Sukuna, having seen Megumi’s true potential, decides to continue living with Yuji. However, Sukuna takes advantage of Yuji’s weakness and tricks him into making a Binding Vow with a few conditions. 

The vow will allow Sukuna to take over Yuji’s body for a minute, and Yuji will forget about ever making such a deal with him. In response to Yuji’s scepticism, Sukuna promises not to kill anyone within the one minute he is in control of Yuji’s body. However, what Yuji doesn’t know is that Sukuna leaves behind a major loophole in the Binding Vow that can ruin several lives.  

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What is the Binding Vow between Sukuna and Yuji?

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Sukuna introduces the concept of Binding Vow in the series when he forms a contract to bring Yuji back to life. The conditions are that if Sukuna were to break his side of the promise, his soul would be destroyed. However, the tricky part is that Yuji wouldn’t remember anything about the deal, meaning Sukuna can take over Yuji’s body anytime he wants. 

When Yuji doesn’t believe in Sukuna’s promise of not killing anyone, the latter explains the devastating consequences of breaking a vow. In the end, the vow takes place with Yuji returning to life and forgetting about the entire thing. However, this will soon turn out to be the protagonist’s biggest mistake so far. 

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How Does Sukuna take advantage of the loophole?

The condition of the vow is not to kill anyone within the one minute Sukuna has control over Yuji’s body. However, there is no specification as to what Sukuna is restricted from doing once the one minute is over. In Shibuya, once Jogo forcefully feeds Yuji ten of Sukuna’s fingers, the situation worsens. Yuji completely loses control over his body for a while, allowing Sukuna complete freedom.

Therefore, Sukuna is able to retain his control for much longer than the promised time. As such, Sukuna begins killing Gojo and then Suguru Geto’s subordinates, Nanako and Mimiko Hasaba, before setting off to eliminate whoever is unfortunate enough to cross his path.

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