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Joseph Gordon-Levitt responds to rumors of Robin spin-off Batman movie

Published: 15/Aug/2020 14:14 Updated: 3/Sep/2020 14:19

by Joe Craven


Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Hollywood actor and star of Netflix’s new movie Project Power, has responded to long-standing rumors of a spin-off Robin movie, following his role in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. 

Despite a lengthy hiatus from acting, Hollywood star Joseph Gordon-Levitt has made a return in Netflix’s Project Power, the streaming service’s most recent superhero movie.

During a Reddit AMA about the recent movie, fan attention turned to the American’s other projects, especially his collaborations with Christopher Nolan.

Nolan is one of the most acclaimed film-makers of the 21st century, and has worked with Gordon-Levitt on a number of occasions, like Inception and The Dark Knight Rises. In the latter, his character is revealed as Robin, leading to years of speculation surrounding a standalone movie based on his character from the Batman series.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in The Dark Knight Rises
Warner Bros.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt as John ‘Robin’ Blake in 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises.

Will there be a Robin batman movie?

One Redditor asked the question during the August 14 AMA: “Were there ever serious talks of you getting your own Robin/Nightwing movie after The Dark Knight Rises?”

Unfortunately, Gordon-Levitt appeared to pour cold water on fans’ hopes, emphasizing the finality with which Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy concluded.

“Pretty sure I gave some thoughtful answers before about how I like how Nolan’s Batman Trilogy has a conclusion,” he replied, “and about how having an individual other than Bruce Wayne in the Batcave is an inevitable conclusion.”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Reddit response
Gordon-Levitt appeared to suggest that Nolan’s trilogy has reached its end.

Fans of The Dark Knight trilogy will remember the ending, in which Bruce Wayne fakes his own death and provides access to the batcave for Robin.

Many took that as a sign that more films will be on the way with Gordon-Levitt’s character as the focal point, but he himself suggested that would not be the case. He concluded: “Nowadays, we expect superhero movies to be episodic, not conclusive. But it’s really a good ending.”

It seems then that, at least at the moment, there are no plans to bring his Robin character back for a stand-alone movie. However, the questions being raised 8 years after The Dark Knight Rises’ release hint at massive fan interest, so don’t rule it our forever just yet.

Nolan’s next big film, Tenet, is releasing very soon, on August 26.

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Netflix viewers outraged over monthly price increase

Published: 29/Oct/2020 20:10

by Nate Searl


The price of a Netflix subscription in the United States is going up… Again. As you might expect, people are upset over the decision that will see them paying more to see their favorite shows.

Netflix did it again: they raised the monthly subscription cost in the United States. Once upon a time, viewers only had to pay $10 per month to watch their favorite shows and movies on the platform, but not after several increases in price.

Reports suggested that there might be another increase, and now, a subscription will cost $14 per month, $1 more than before, and a premium subscription will cost $18 per month. Naturally, this move is drawing a lot of criticism from viewers.

Fans outraged over Netflix subscription price increase

Netflix is the most popular streaming platform, and is estimated to bring in $18.5 billion in 2020 alone. This has led fans to question why they are hiking up the price even further and their official Twitter account is getting bombarded by angry fans. They claim the price increase will help bring more content to the platform for its viewers.

@Dannyis1337 points out that multiple other streaming services are cheaper, which is true. You can currently get ESPN Plus, Disney Plus, and Hulu all for $12.99 per month.

Another tweet calls Netflix out for not being able to compete, and claims they are cancelling their subscription. This is likely due to the service claiming that they are hiking up the price to provide more content.

Netflix stock surges

Despite the outrage from many fans, Netflix stock shot up by over 4% following the announcement, according to CNBC Now. This increase suggests that the platform will continue performing well, and fans won’t actually cancel their subscriptions.

There are plenty of fans claiming they are going to cancel their sub over the price increase, but whether anyone will actually do it or not remains to be seen.

Hiking up the price hasn’t hurt Netflix much in the past, even with subscribers getting upset over it. It remains one of the top streaming services worldwide, and there will be plenty of viewers that won’t have any problems paying the extra dollar each month for their favorite shows.