Joker sequel gets release date five years after first movie

Joker 2 is set to see the return of Arthur FleckYouTube: Warner Bros. Pictures

The sequel to Todd Phillips’ acclaimed ‘Joker’ solo movie has been confirmed for a 2024 release.

Joker, staring Joaquin Phoenix in the titular role, was a breath of fresh air to the comic book movie genre.

Set completely separate from the DCEU, the movie focused around Arthur Fleck, a professional clown and aspiring stand-up comedian with a disorder that causes him to laugh uncontrollably.

While many critics hailed Joker as a chilling, yet masterful look into the societal underpinnings that allowed for the creation of Arthur Fleck, others thought that it glorified “incel killers” in real life.

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Whatever your opinion of Joker, the movie was a massive financial success for the studio – the movie grossed over $1 billion during its theatrical run – and for Phoenix, who earned an Academy Award for his portrayal of Arthur Fleck in 2019.

A sequel was all-but inevitable, but with the DC Comics movies currently in a state of turmoil, it was unclear when Phillips would release the next installment.

Joaquin Phoenix is set to return in the sequel to JokerYouTube: Warner Bros. Pictures

According to a report by Deadline, the sequel to Joker now has a release date of October 4, 2024.

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Titled Joker: Folie à deux, the sequel’s script was apparently finished by Phillips in June. Folie à deux is a French term “pertaining to a mental disorder which affects two or more people.”

This could mean that there will be another Joker for Fleck to contend with in the sequel, or that Fleck himself has some sort of split personality disorder.

Regardless, fans of the Joker will be waiting two years to find out while Warner Bros. Discovery tries to get its DC multiverse back on track.

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