James Gunn reveals plans for new DC superhero games to connect with DCU films & TV shows

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Newly appointed DC Studio Co-lead James Gunn has confirmed that the future of the DCU will be “connected” and that characters and projects will be linked across different mediums.

The future of the DCU is looking to expand and broaden, with James Gunn – best known for directing the Guardians of the Galaxy films and the recent Suicide Squad movie – set to be one of the leaders in helping change and evolve the current state of the DCU.

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Gunn was recently asked on Twitter if he and co-lead Peter Safran are “planning to give more DC characters TV shows that’ll add to the story from the [DCU]?” His response and subsequent replies to other follow-up questions indicate that the DCU is planning on becoming the biggest version we’ve seen yet.

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“Yes, most definitely, the DCU will be connected across film and TV (and animation),” began Gunn before later adding that “some” projects will still remain standalone and will not be directly connected to the greater universe.

As well as animated projects, Gunn confirmed that he has plans to tie in DC video games with the larger DCEU. While DC having had success with their video game franchises – the Batman Arkham series adored by fans – they have always stood seperate from the films and TV shows.

With Gunn confirming that this will be changing in the future, time will tell how the video games influences or impact the greater DCEU. Could characters from the recent Gotham Knights game appear in a new TV show or movie? Time will tell how exactly Gunn and Safran plan to incorporate DC games into the larger universe.

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James Gunn DCU plans to replicate the success and structure of the MCU

Gunn and Safran have recently stepped into their roles and – according to actors within the DCU – have begun formulating a 10-year plan for the comic book universe that is likely to mirror the scope of the MCU.

The closest thing DC has had to a connected universe was Zack Snyder’s films and projects, dubbed the Snyderverse by fans. And while fans petitioned greatly to have the director’s version of Justice League finally released years after the film’s theatrical cut dropped, Snyder has cut down the idea that he will be coming back to do more DC films in the future.

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With Henry Cavill back as Superman and many new projects in the works and on the way, DC appears to be joining full steam ahead with what is reportedly phase 1 of their new DCEU. However, James Gunn and Peter Safran are yet to reveal what their exact plans are so until then, be sure to keep updated on all things DC here.

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