James Cameron is adding two new cultures to Avatar 3

A still from Avatar: The Way of Water.20th Century Studios

James Cameron is dropping hints about what to expect from Avatar 3, with fire playing a prominent role in the sequel, and the writer-director adding two now cultures to the mix.

It’s awards season in Hollywood, and with Avatar: The Way of Water continuing its run atop the worldwide box office, James Cameron is doing something of a victory lap at the various ceremonies. And who can blame him, with Avatar 2 now the seventh most successful film of all-time, and still rising up that lucrative list.

As well as talking up the technical achievements in Avatar 2 – for which the film will doubtless be rewarded at the Academy Awards – Cameron is also discussing the forthcoming Avatar 3.

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So while the threequel won’t hit screens until the tail-end of 2024 – and maybe after that if the timeline of its predecessor is anything to go by – we’re starting to get a sense of what the film might be about.

Avatar 3 will feature two new cultures

Speaking to Deadline on the red-carpet for the Critic’s Choice Awards, Cameron said this of what to expect in Avatar 3…

“You’re going to meet two completely new cultures in the next film,” Cameron told the outlet. “We met the Omaticaya, we met the Metkayina, and you’re going to meet two new cultures in the next film, and it kind of rove a little more freely around the world of Pandora to different places.”

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He also name-checked a new element that will play a prominent role in the movie, revealing: “Fire has a symbolic purpose in the film and there’s a culture that is specifically around that concept. That’s probably saying too much as we speak.”

Avatar 3 is set to hit screen worldwide on December 20, 2024. In the meantime you can read our review of Avatar: The Way of Water here, while the rest of our Avatar content can be found here.