James Bond references in Spy X Family make it even more intriguing

An image of Loid Forger from Spy X Family and James Bond

The retro setting of Spy X Family paired with the war theme may not seem to have any relation with the popular James Bond franchise. However, throughout the story, Tatsuya Endo references the popular spy movies.

The family dynamic of Spy X Family may be the driving force behind attracting fans worldwide. However, the central theme of the series is the concept of hidden identities, with the major protagonist being a spy. Twilight, who now goes by the name of Loid Forger, is a spy sent from Westalis to investigate a certain influential figure in Ostania.

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Loid’s mission is to uncover the war-mongering Donnvan Desmond and put a stop to his plans. However, the best spy of Westalis finds himself in a dilemma when the mission requires him to find a child and a wife to go along with this farce.

After a series of incidents, Loid creates a pretend family and must do anything necessary for peace between both nations. It is not uncommon for anime to draw inspiration from real-life sources or even other series’. In between the everyday chaotic life of the Forger family, the James Bond references are sure to catch the viewer’s eye.

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Both Spy X Family and James Bond follow the same pattern

An image of Loid proposing to Yor in Spy X FamilyCrunchyroll

In the James Bond franchise, a Caucasian man named James Bond works for a clandestine government organization. He is often assigned dangerous missions that involve stopping various villains and terrorists. To ensure the mission’s success, James Bond will have to go undercover and infiltrate the enemy’s organization.

The story also adds a romantic angle by introducing a gorgeous woman who supports him along the way. The woman will either have information crucial to saving the world, or she will help in combat. What’s more, she will also support him emotionally and help him with his mission. Spy X Family is not that far off from this.

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Keeping aside Loid’s mission, Yor’s role in his life is just as important as any James Bond heroine. Yor is an assassin whose skills are unmatched. Furthermore, as the one taking care of Loid’s home and his “daughter,” Yor’s existence in his life is certainly most important.

Anya’s favourite cartoon is a direct James Bond reference

An image of Spy Wars referencing the similarities between Spy X Family and James BondCrunchyroll

If the above reference is too subtle for fans to notice, then this one will surely catch their eye. Anya is obsessed with a popular spy cartoon named Spy Wars. The main character is Bondman, who goes through several life-threatening missions and succeeds in each one.

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Bondman’s job is to support the series’ heroine from a group of villains. Spy Wars is a clear and blatant parody of the James Bond franchise. Furthermore, Anya idolizes her father because he reminds her of her favourite cartoon character.

She later names her dog Bond, after Bondman, who helps protect the princess. Bond helps Anya on the day they meet and saves her life without caring about his own, much like her favourite hero. This is how the series uses tropes from the James Bond franchise.

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