Is Matthew Broderick in Succession Season 4?

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Is Matthew Broderick in Succession Season 4? HBO’s backstabbing business drama is about to return, but can we expect an appearance from the Ferris Bueller’s Day Off star?

We’re fast approaching the best appointment TV of the year: Succession, and it’s coming to an end, with the Roy dynasty set to leave our screens with a bang.

While we’ve yet to see what Jesse Armstrong has in store for fans, the show has enjoyed its fair share of guest appearances, such as Holly Hunter, Adrien Brody, and Alexander Skarsgård, the latter of whom playing a key role as we barrel towards the endgame.

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Ahead of its release, recent photos from the premiere spurred fans to wonder… is Matthew Broderick in Succession Season 4?

Is Matthew Broderick in Succession Season 4?

Honestly, we don’t know – but it doesn’t appear that Matthew Broderick has a role in Succession Season 4.

Broderick joined Alan Ruck, who plays runt-of-the-litter Connor Roy, at the premiere party earlier this week. For the uncultured swines, Ruck and Broderick co-starred in John Hughes’ 1986 classic Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

HBO shared footage of the pair in a photo booth with the caption, “Life moves pretty fast,” another caption from the movie.

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While Broderick’s attendance may have raised some fans’ suspicions, it seems like it’s nothing more than two friends supporting each other. They’ve known each other for decades, even preceding Ferris Bueller; they first met on Biloxi Blues, a 1984 broadway play, where they hit it off immediately.

When Ferris Bueller came along, “we were already pals, we already had a similar sense of humor. So we didn’t have to make anything up,” Ruck said on Reunited Apart.

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Before 2020, they hadn’t seen each other in person in 15 years, but they’ve since kept in contact more regularly. “We always joke, we say in a previous life, I think he saved my life, and so then he became responsible for me in this life, something like that. I seem to be following him around,” Ruck said.

Succession Season 4 premieres on HBO on March 26. Find out more here.

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