Is Lady Gaga Joker’s new Harley Quinn?

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Last week we speculated that the new Joker movie – intriguingly titled Joker: Folie à Deux – would feature the character’s partner in crime Harley Quinn. That now appears to be confirmed, with Lady Gaga apparently in talks to play the twisted character.

Director Todd Phillips and actor Joaquin Phoenix recently posted a photograph of the latter reading a Joker 2 script, which was the first fans saw or heard about a potential sequel.

And while The Hollywood Reporter claims that Phoenix is yet to close a deal with studio Warner Bros. for his return, that hasn’t stopped further talks taking place behind the scenes.

And the big news is that Lady Gaga is currently favorite to appear in Joker: Folie à Deux as psychiatrist-turned-killer Harley Quinn.

Will Lady Gaga play Harley Quinn?

Warner Bros.
Lady Gaga in A Star is Born, which was also produced by Warner Bros.

The Hollywood Reporter claims that “details on her character are being kept under wraps” suggesting the publication isn’t positive that Gaga is playing Harley Quinn. But then the Reporter describes the character at length, and states, “If a deal makes, Gaga would play Quinn.”

This would be a brand-new iteration of the character, who was recently voiced by Kaley Cuoco in animated form, and played by Margot Robbie in both Suicide Squad movies as well as spin-off Birds of Prey.

It wouldn’t be the first time Gaga has worked with Phillips either, as the director produced her Oscar-winning performance in A Star is Born.

Is Joker 2 a musical?

United Artists.
Liza Minelli and Robert De Niro in New York, New York.

The first Joker flick was compared to a couple of Martin Scorsese movies – Taxi Driver, about a loner who turns violent, and The King of Comedy, about a stand-up who wants to be famous.

Sandwiched between those movies Scorsese made a musical called New York, New York, and rumors suggest Joker 2 might follow in those footsteps by also being a musical.

The Gaga casting would therefore make sense, though might give Warner Bros. pause for thought as Scorsese’s movie was an almighty flop when it hit screens in 1977.

But the first Joker grossed more than $1 billion worldwide, and with Gaga being a truly global superstar, chances are this one will be BIG.

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