Is Doctor Doom in Black Panther Wakanda Forever?

doctor doom and black panther in wakanda foreverMarvel

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is shaping up to be an interesting film in regards to its main conflict – but will it actually involve Doctor Doom as a villain?

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is one of the MCU‘s most anticipated movies. After the death of the titular Black Panther, Chadwick Boseman, fans have wondered what direction the story will go in, including who the main villain will be.

While the film’s trailers have made it clear that there will be lots of action, and a notable cast of new characters, a clear-cut villain hasn’t been shown.

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However, for those who read the comics, you may know that a Fantastic Four villain could perhaps show up in the middle of this conflict. And that villain would be Doctor Doom.

Will Doctor Doom be in Wakanda Forever?

As of this moment, it’s very unclear. Officially, Doctor Doom is nowhere to be seen in the trailers, but considering that Marvel is hinting at a new villain, he could very much be a twist reveal. We all know how Marvel likes to catch the audience by surprise with new characters.

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Wakanda Forever would certainly be a surprising film to introduce Doctor Doom into the MCU, rather than a Fantastic Four movie. But until the film comes out, we shall simply have to wait and see.

Doctor Doom appears in the Black Panther comics

In the latest trailer for the film, which focuses more on the upcoming plot, it is hinted that there will be a key Marvel villain that hasn’t been introduced yet.

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Fans may notice that the character of Namor takes a large amount of significance in the plot. But while he may be antagonistic, the creators of the film have stated that he will not be a full-blown villain. Which leaves the question: Who will be?

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See, in the Black Panther comics, ruler Namor is shown to be as loyal to his people as T’Challa was, and the two often acted as foils for one another, even squaring off from time to time. Their relationship with one another has featured in multiple different runs, but rose to prominence with Christopher Priest’s run of comics, which occurred from 1998 to 2003.

However, this same run had a third player in the conflict between the two men, and that was Doctor Doom. Doom existed as another monarch, ruling over Latveria, a peaceful nation, which is surprising considering that Doom and T’Challa often fought within the storyline.

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doctor doom and black pantherMarvel
Doctor Doom and Black Panther clashed with each other in the comics.

This whole run of comics explored the themes of what makes a successful ruler. And with that also being a central theme of the upcoming Wakanda Forever, it may be inevitable that Doom will show up.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will premiere in cinemas on November 11.