Ironheart villain could connect Marvel series to Daredevil & Doctor Strange

Ironheart's villain has some extremely unique connectionsYouTube: Marvel Entertainment

A new set photo from the upcoming Marvel series Ironheart reveals an important villain in The Hood.

Although fans may not know much about Riri Williams, aka Ironheart, it seems that her upcoming show will be incredibly important for the future of the MCU.

She is already set to appear in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, giving her an obvious tie to characters like Shuri, Okoye, M’Baku, and more.

But new set photos from her solo series, also titled Ironheart, has revealed the series villain, who might tie her to two other iconic Marvel heroes.

A new photo from the Twitter account Ironheart News shows actor Anthony Ramos in a cloak and costume that appears to be very similar to that of the comic villain The Hood.

The In the Heights star was announced to be joining the MCU in a secret role back in February, but it wasn’t until these photos emerged that it was confirmed that Ramos will be playing The Hood.

Although Parker Davis Robbins, aka The Hood, isn’t traditionally an Iron Heart villain, he is often related to two characters who are confirmed to have a future in the MCU: Daredevil and his nemesis Kingpin. His father worked with Kingpin and Parker turned to a life of crime after his death.

In addition, The Hood also shares a tie to the Doctor Strange villain Dormammu.

During a robbery, The Hood finds a cloak that allows him to become invisible as long as he holds his breath and boots that allow him to walk on air, which are empowered by the demon Dormammu.

Given that Ramos appears to be wearing that same cloak and boots, it’s not impossible that Ironheart will see Riri Williams fighting a villain with some supernatural abilities.