How to watch Til Death Do Us Part – is it streaming?

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Here’s how to watch Til Death Do Us Part, 2023’s action-packed horror thriller, and where it’s available on streaming, and if it’s on Netflix.

There are a few types of runaway brides in TV and movies: there’s the MJ, who finally wakes up to who her true love is and leaves a rather dashing astronaut so she can be with Spider-Man; there’s the Maggie Carpenter, who left not one, but multiple fiancés alone at the altar; and there’s the Stella Zinman, who left Ted a note on their wedding day explaining that she’d gotten back together with her ex.

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Til Death Do Us Part gives the archetype the Ready or Not treatment, pitting her against her scornful groom and his seven groomsmen after she ditches the wedding.

The movie was released earlier this year, but people are keen to know where they can watch it and if it’s available to stream on Netflix or another platform. So, here’s what we know.

How to watch Til Death Do Us Part – is it on Netflix?

Til Death Do Us Part can be rented or bought digitally via Amazon Prime, but it’s not available to stream on any platform.

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The movie stars Natalie Burn as the Bride, with Ser’Darius Blain playing the Groom, Jason Patric playing the Husband, and the groomsmen portrayed by Cam Gigandet, Orlando Jones, Pancho Moler, Neb Chupin D.Y., Sao Sam Lee Herring, and Alan Silva.

While it’s directed by Timothy Woodward Jr., best known for Hollywood East and The Outsider, it’s produced by Jeffrey Reddick, the creator of the Final Destination franchise.

As for if it’s worth watching, it has a 39% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. That makes it “rotten,” although there are positive reviews in the mix.

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“A hybrid of John Wick and Tarantino, Til Death Us Do Part, the latest feature from director Timothy Woodward Jr. is an exhilarating, tense ride peppered with some black humor and a very resilient bride,” Starburst wrote.

However, also wrote: “Although it resembles the far sleekier Ready or Not, Til Death Do Us Part” never gets near that level of competence… I wanted a divorce long before the credits rolled.”

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