How to watch The Mission documentary – is it streaming?

John Chau in archive footage played in The MissionNational Geographic

The Mission, a new documentary about a man killed by an uncontacted tribe, is out now – here’s what you need to know about how to watch it and if and when it’s available on streaming. 

The tragic case of John Chau, an American evangelical Christian missionary who was killed by the Sentinelese islanders while trying to make contact in November 2018, sparked a debate about the ethical issues surrounding contact with isolated tribes, echoing the long and troubling history of colonialism.

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Filmmakers Amanda McBaine and Jesse Moss made this the subject of a documentary film for National Geographic, providing context to the situation that garnered mixed reactions across the globe. 

The Mission has been described as a thought-provoking watch, and has earned a respectable 93% Rotten Tomatoes score from the critics. If you want to give it a watch, here’s what you need to know. 

Is The Mission documentary streaming?

The Mission will be available for streaming on Disney Plus and Hulu from December 8. 

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The news arrives after The Mission enjoyed a short theatrical release in the US, with the documentary film playing in select cinemas across the country. 

In the UK, the movie arrived in cinemas on November 17, and is currently being played in select theaters across the country. 

If you didn’t get the chance to see it on the big screen, you will be able to enjoy The Mission from the comfort of your own home if you have a Hulu or Disney Plus subscription from December 8. 

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What is The Mission documentary about?

The official synopsis reads: “In 2018, a shocking event made headlines around the world: a young American missionary, John Chau, was killed by arrows while attempting to contact one of the world’s most isolated Indigenous peoples on remote North Sentinel Island. 

“From Emmy-winning directors Amanda McBaine and Jesse Moss (Boys State) with Oscar-winning producer Simon Chinn and Emmy-winning producer Jonathan Chinn of Lightbox, comes National Geographic Documentary Films’ The Mission, which uncovers the gripping story beyond the headlines. 

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“Through exclusive interviews and with unprecedented access to Chau’s secret plans, personal diaries, and video archives, The Mission examines the mythology of exploration that inspired him, the evangelical community that supported his quest, and reveals his own father’s heartbreak as Chau’s youthful thirst for adventure became a fatal obsession.”

The Mission will be available from December 8 on Hulu and Disney+, which you can sign up for here. You can check out more of our documentaries coverage below:

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