How to watch Kill Boksoon – what time is it on Netflix?

A still of Lee Yeon and Jeon Do-yeon in Kill Boksoon on NetflixNetflix

Kill Boksoon, a new Korean contract-killer action thriller from Byun Sung-hyun, is about to hit Netflix – here’s how to watch it and what time it’ll be available on streaming.

John Wick should be cited as one of the most important action movies of the 21st century. Yes, it was and remains tremendous, but its simple premise – somebody messes with a dangerous assassin and all hell breaks loose – connected with audiences and studios in a big way.

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There have been so many Wick-lite films in its wake, such as Nobody, Violent Night, Deliver Us From Evil, The Equalizer, and The Villainess – to name a few.

Kill Boksoon is the latest to follow in its shadow, revolving around a mother who’s “caught between the mission of killing someone and the mission of raising someone” – so, here’s everything you need to know about how to watch it and when it’ll be on streaming.

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Kill Boksoon release date and time

Kill Boksoon will premiere on Netflix on March 31, 2023.

In terms of what time it’ll be available to stream, it depends on your location – so, here’s a rundown of times for each timezone so you know when you can dive in:

  • 12am PDT
  • 3am EDT
  • 5am Brazil
  • 8am UK
  • 9am Central European Summer Time
  • 1:30pm India Standard Time
  • 7pm Australia
  • 9pm New Zealand

The official synopsis reads: “Hired by the killing agency MK Ent., Gil Boksoon is both a killer with a 100% success rate and a mother of her teenage daughter, Jae-young.

“While Boksoon might be a seasoned assassin, she struggles with parenting. When it is about time to renew her contract with her agency, she makes up her mind to retire to repair the relationship with her daughter.

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“While on her final assignment, before notifying the company of her decision regarding the contract, Boksoon discovers a secret about the mission and breaks the rule that killers must try to execute all assignments regardless of the circumstances. Now she becomes the target of her agency and the entire hitman industry.”

Kill Boksoon hits Netflix on March 31.

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