Hell’s Paradise: The Yamada Clan explained

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In Hell’s Paradise, the members of the Yamada Clan are known for sword testing, medicine making, and above all, for being exceptional executioners. Here’s a look at the Yamada Clan’s responsibilities and rank system.

In Hell’s Paradise, the Shogun sends out ten death-row criminals on an expedition to look for the Elixir of Life. The one who finds the Elixir will be pardoned and will be able to lead a normal life. However, the ordeal is by no means easy. It is filled with treachery and mysterious enemies. 

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The ones overseeing those criminals are the Asaemon of the Yamada Clan. Each criminal is assigned an executioner who is liable to kill those breaking the rules. These samurai are blindly loyal to their Shogun and never question his orders, despite knowing how wrong he is. 

Considering how the Shogun trusts them with such an important expedition, it is easy to see how important they are to the country. However, the mere five episodes of Hell’s Paradise barely explain anything about the influential Yamada Clan. 

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The Asaemon of the Yamada Clan in Hell’s Paradise

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Yamada Asaemon is a title given to those who are deemed skilled enough to execute convicted criminals through the method of decapitation. They are also tasked with an appraisal by testing new swords on corpses. The execution needs to be carried out in such a way that the condemned should not feel any pain or emotions coming from their swords. 

Each Asaemon, including Sagiri, hone their skills to perform an ideal cut that falls within that category. However, it is not an easy skill to master. The weight of taking someone’s life – even if it’s for justice – drags the executioners down infinitely. 

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The major source of income for the Yamada Clan

An image of Fuchi dissecting corpses to make medicine in Hell's ParadiseCrunchyroll

The Yamada Clan is a class of ronin who do not technically serve the Shogun as public servants while being within the jurisdiction of the shogunate’s sword magistrate. Therefore, they are unable to obtain lordship, rice revenue, or any other sort of government benefit. 

As such, they come up with new methods to make ends meet. Although they are widely recognized as sword testers and executioners, the clan also manufactures medicines they call “Asayama Pills.” 

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These pills are medical pills crafted from the livers and brains of corpses the clan tests their blades on. Though the method may seem unethical, one of the Asaemon, Fuchi, explains that it contributes to society and is their greatest income source. 

How does the ranking system of the Yamada Clan work?

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The ranking system in the clan is used to determine the potential candidates for the next head of the clan. They are tested on several skills to be worthy of being a candidate. The ranking goes from 1st to 12th, with the 1st rank being the most qualified. 

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Strength alone doesn’t determine one’s ranking since the Asaemon also needs to be intelligent enough to adapt to the situation. They can also tend to be flexible with the rules so long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. Kisho explains the only reason Sagiri is unable to get promoted is that she is too rigid and follows the rules blindly – even if it will result in her loss. 

Therefore, despite being from the lowest rank within the hierarchy, her skills are acknowledged by within the hierarchy, Senta, Genji, and Shugen. There are also unranked Asaemon because of various circumstances. 

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Hell’s Paradise has only introduced two unranked Asaemon from the Yamada Clan, namely Kiyomaru and Isuzu. Kiyomaru cannot get a rank because he is 12 years old, which is too young to determine his skills. 

On the other hand, because of being a woman, Isuzu is unable to receive a ranking. Though, despite not being in the hierarchy, these two are just as skilled as any high-ranking member.

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