Fatal Attraction series: Release date, trailer, cast, plot & more

A TV series based on hit movie Fatal Attraction is airing on Paramount+ later this month – here’s everything we know about the adaptation, from release date and trailer, to cast, plot, and more.

Fatal Attraction was one of the most successful – and controversial – films of the 1980s. An erotic thriller, it starred Michael Douglas and Glenn Close as a couple having an affair behind his wife’s back. When the Douglas character ends said affair, Close’s character turns on him, and makes his life hell.

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The 1987 movie had its roots in British television however, being based on a 1980 TV movie called Diversion. Both versions were written by James Dearden.

Now, Fatal Attraction is returning to the small-screen, via a star-studded mini-series – so, here’s everything we know about the show, from release date and trailer, to cast, plot, and more.

Fatal Attraction release date: When’s it out?

Fatal Attraction launches on April 30, 2023 on Paramount+.

The first three episodes will launch that day, with the next three dropping at weekly intervals.

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This is the release schedule…

  • Episode 1: April 30
  • Episode 2: April 30
  • Episode 3: April 30
  • Episode 4: May 7
  • Episode 5: May 14
  • Episode 6: May 21

Fatal Attraction trailer

The trailer for Fatal Attraction on Paramount+ can be viewed below…

The trailer starts with Dan Gallagher in prison for the murder of Alex Forrest, which is a major departure from what happens at the end of the movie. Though it ends with Dan stating: “I did not kill that woman, and I’m going to prove it.”

The footage also features the iconic Fatal Attraction line: “I’m not going to be ignored, Dan.”

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Fatal Attraction cast – Who’s in it?

The main cast for Fatal Attraction is as follows…

  • Joshua Jackson as Dan Gallagher
  • Lizzy Caplan as Alex Forrest
  • Amanda Peet as Beth Gallagher
  • Alyssa Jirrels as Ellen Gallagher
  • Toby Huss as Mike Gerard
  • Reno Wilson as Det. Earl Booker
  • Brian Goodman as Arthur Tomlinson

The supporting cast includes Jessica Harper, Wanda De Jesus, John Getz, David Sullivan, David Meunier, Walter Perez, and Dee Wallace.

Fatal Attraction plot – What happens?

The official synopsis for Fatal Attraction is as follows: “A passionate affair takes a volatile and dangerous turn when a woman refuses to allow her married lover to put an end to it.”

While the trailer description pitches the show as “a deep-dive reimagining of the classic psychosexual thriller and ‘80s cultural touchstone.”

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