Fans shocked after Thor: Love and Thunder trailer reveals Celestials

Celestials in Thor: Love and ThunderMarvel Studios

Thor: Love and Thunder has marked “THORsday” by releasing a new trailer – and with it, a Celestials reveal that’s got Marvel fans excited. 

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has kicked into a higher cosmic gear since Endgame. Not only did Spider-Man and Doctor Strange rupture the multiverse of madness, but Eternals introduced a new race of superheroes, opening up the franchise to whole new worlds.

From the outset, Thor: Love and Thunder hasn’t appeared so concerned with joining the dots across the sprawling MCU, instead following its titular God of Thunder on a spiritual journey after the events of the Infinity Saga. Of course, there’s also the small matter of Gorr the God Butcher (Christian Bale).

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However, in a new trailer, there’s a major connection to the Eternals which may be a sign of something to come.

New Thor: Love and Thunder trailer appears to feature Celestials

In a new trailer ahead of the film’s release, two Celestials can briefly be seen around the 12-second mark, looking on as a ship flies past them in Olympus. It’s unclear which Celestials they may be, especially given their smaller size compared to the others we’ve seen.

Eternals showed Celestials as humungous entities in space, predating the big bang and possessing infinite power. In the film, it was revealed that the Celestial Arishem had been planting the seeds of nascent Celestials across the universe for millions of years, with their birth causing the destruction of planets.

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At the end of Eternals, Arishem drags Sersi, Kingo, and Phastos into space and warns them humanity will be judged based on their memories, and Earth will face the consequences if the human race isn’t deemed worthy of survival.

Fans react to Celestials in Thor: Love and Thunder

Among the reactions to the trailer on social media, one user wrote: “We’ve already seen Arishem the Judge, Eson the Searcher, Jemiah the Analyzer, and Nezarr the Calculator. Place your bets now who are L&T Celestials are!”

Another tweeted: “I can’t believe what I just f**king saw – THOSE WERE TWO CELESTIALS in that Thor: Love and Thunder footage.”

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Noting the change in size compared to Eternals, a third wrote: “OH MY GOSH! They gave us more comic-accurate celestials. So this confirms my theory! That Celestials in the MCU probably can change and manipulate their size.”

Another fan tweeted: “At least they look like Celestials. I mean, they too should be concerned about Gorr since they are literally Gods.”

Thor: Love and Thunder hits UK cinemas on July 7, before arriving in theatres the next day in the US.