Fans rally for Final Destination 6 to bring back survivors from best entry

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Final Destination 6 is soon to head into production, which potentially means the return of certain franchise characters.

After over a decade, the horror series Final Destination is finally returning with Final Destination 6.

The upcoming sequel, which is set to begin production once the SAG-AFTRA strike ends, plans to connect with the older films, and explore the franchise’s mythology.

And according to saga creator Jeffrey Reddick, that means the return of a particular character and actor.

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Final Destination 6 will bring Tony Todd back – but fans want more

Final Destination 6, also known as Final Destination 6: Bloodlines, has once again brought recurring franchise actor Tony Todd back into the fray, according to Bloody Disgusting.

The Candyman star is known for his role as William Bludworth, the owner of Bludworth Funeral Homes, and later a forensic examiner, who with his knowledge of death helps guide multiple protagonists through their new tormented fates. While he doesn’t appear in the third of fourth films, he is the voice of deadly rollercoaster Devil’s Flight in Final Destination 3.

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This upcoming sixth film will be directed by Zach Lipovsky and Adam B. Stein, with a script written by Lori Evans Taylor and Guy Busick. With a bunch of new faces, it seems smart to keep an alumni around. And since casting hasn’t been completed yet, any number of actors could return.

News of old characters returning has even led fans of the franchise to begin rallying for the reappearance of certain survivors, such as Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who wasn’t explicitly shown to die in the threequel.

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It seems that the writing team is looking to connect the new story with the first movies from the franchise, which explains Todd’s casting. Asstated by Reddick to Collider: “I spoke to Guy Busick, he did the Scream reboot, and [Lori] is his writing partner, and they were so gracious. They wanted to talk to me about the first film and the second film, about what my thoughts were on what makes a Final Destination film – kind of the key elements that are crucial to me.

“It’s just really nice because you don’t get that a lot. I’m friends with Eric Bress, who wrote part two. You become friends a lot of times with people just crossing paths, and Eric [Heisserer] who wrote part five is amazing. But it’s nice when the filmmakers actually call you and are like, ‘We wanna make sure that we get the essence of what’s important to you and what you think makes these Final Destinations, what you found connects with the fans.’ So, they have gone into the story with the best heart.”

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