Every power-up from Super Mario games shown in the movie

Super Mario Movie Power-UpsYouTube: Illumination

The Super Mario Bros. movie included a ton of Easter Eggs from the games, including many of the power-ups that players have become accustomed to using.

From the very first Super Mario Bros. game, players have grown accustomed to using power-ups that can transform the protagonist and give them helpful abilities.

The Super Mario Bros. movie kept true to the game, not only keeping the powerups and their iconic boxes, but also maintaining the general rules around how the power-ups work. For instance, Mario, Peach, and Bowser would lose their power-ups if they take damage.

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But for those who aren’t familiar with the entire lore of the Mario franchise, here’s a primer on all of the power-ups that were shown in the movie. (WARNING: Spoilers for the Super Mario Bros. movie will follow.)

Which power-ups were in the Super Mario Bros. movie?

Super Mario Movie Super Star Power-UpYouTube: Illumination
The Super Star Power-up.

Super Star

The very first power-up we saw in the movie, Bowser said he would be “unstoppable” with the Super Star in his possession – and in the games, that would be correct. The Super Star makes the wielder invincible, taking no damage and able to instantly defeat any enemy they touch.

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We do get to see this power-up in action at the end, when Mario and Luigi get to share the power, using it to take down Bowser’s army and the big turtle himself with ease.

Super Mushroom

The first power-up introduced in the games was also featured in the movie. It was mainly used in Mario’s training montage as he used the extra size to avoid instantly dying on the obstacle course – but it also served to make a few jokes at the expense of Mario’s diminutive stature.

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Mini Mushroom

Whereas the Super Mushroom makes Mario grow in size, the Mini Mushroom shrinks the famous plumber down to the size of a bug. This gets played for laughs to start, but it also is pivotal at the end of the movie, enabling the heroes to defeat Bowser.

Super Mario Fire Flower Power-UpYouTube: Illumination
The Fire Flower appeared multiple times in The Super Mario Movie.

Fire Flowers

Another original power-up that lets Mario spit fireballs to defeat Goombas, it’s no surprise that the Fire Flowers show up more than once. Princess Peach, in particular, seems adept at throwing them.

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Ice Flowers

Just like in the game, where there’s fire in Super Mario there is also ice, and the Ice Flower lets Peach freeze Bowser during a pivotal moment in the movie’s climax.

Super Bell

Although Mario’s cat costume is well-known, not many players know that you get the costume from the Super Bell power-up. In the movie, Mario manages to get the Super Bell and cat costume to defeat Donkey Kong. However, it’s one of those “blink-and-you’ll-miss-it” appearances.

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Super Mario Movie Tanuki SuitYouTube: Illumination
The Super Bell grants Mario the Tanuki costume.

Invincibility Leaf

Just like the Super Bell, this less-known power-up gives Mario the Tanuki suit, letting him spin his raccoon-like tail and fly in the air. Once again, Mario manages to use this power-up in the movie, but the suit is really what steals the show more than the power-up.

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