Will there be an Elemental 2?

Ember and Wade sit side by side at dinnerPixar

Will there be an Elemental 2? As Pixar’s new film Elemental premieres, fans have wondered if it will get a future sequel.

The new Pixar film Elemental premieres today and fans are excited to watch the studio’s latest colorful and bright entry into their film catalog.

The film follows Ember, a fire person, and Wade, a water person, as they meet and begin to fall in love as they go on increasingly adorable and chaotic adventures in Element City.

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Elemental explores a wide range of topics such as immigration, familial expectations, and stepping outside of your comfort zone to find your true self. However, as the movie has a bit of an open ending, fans are wondering if Elemental will get a future sequel. Warning: spoilers ahead for Elemental.

Is there going to be an Elemental 2?

At this moment, no Elemental sequel has been green lit.

Only six Pixar films have gotten a direct sequel to their original movies: Toy Story, Cars, Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, and Inside Out. So, it’s not surprising that the studio hasn’t said anything about an Elemental sequel.

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But, that’s not to say that Pixar won’t consider making another entry for this film. Elemental ends with Wade and Ember leaving Element City to start their adventure around the world, so it gives them a wide birth of what a sequel could look like.

Elemental stillPixar

There are so many stories Pixar could tell in an Elemental sequel. It could follow Ember and Wade as they explore new locations or it could show them coming back home to visit their respective families. Or, it could be a story about Wade and Ember’s children befriending different elements just like their parents did.

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No matter if Pixar green lights an Elemental sequel or not, the original film is more than worthy of your time and money.

Elemental is now playing in theaters in the US and will be released globally on July 7. You can find out more about the movie here.

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