Dwayne Johnson on Marvel vs DC war: “There’s only one DC”

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Dwayne Johnson is eager for Marvel Studios and DC Comics to crossover on the big screen and has asserted “there’s only one DC” following a fan-led war between the two comic giants.

Marvel or DC Comics? It’s the age-old debate that has raged on for over seven decades with no definitive answer.

Of course, we’ve all got our favorite heroes and villains within each of their universes, but with the success of the MCU on the big screen – will we ever see the Justice League go toe-to-toe with the Avengers?

Dwayne Johnson is pushing a new era forward for the DCEU and has made his thoughts clear on where he stands in the war between Marvel and DC.

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Dwayne Johnson says MCU x DCEU crossover is “down the line”

The DCEU is changing once again and Dwayne Johnson has more ambitious plans up his sleeve.

With James Gunn and Peter Safran helming DC Studios together, Johnson told iHeartRadioCA that “when I talk about ‘this is the new era’ in the DC Universe with Black Adam, are we going after Marvel?

Is that what I mean by that? The answer is no. We’re not going to do that and I and there is no ‘war’ between DC and between MCU.”

Johnson continued: “Kevin Feige, I love him. He’s a buddy and a lot of those guys, all of them, by the way, all those superheroes are all my friends and I’m very happy for them. But there’s only one Marvel. There’s only one Avengers. But also there’s only one DC.”

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The former WWE star is keen for DC to establish its own identity, but that doesn’t mean a crossover is out of the question.

“I would love one day for the two brands to converge, like we did in wrestling, because that’s how we think…I think the key with brands converging the right way is to have the right people sitting at the table, having the right conversations. But that’s down the line,” added Johnson.

Marvel is busy forging Phase Five and Phase Six, but nothing would compare to a crossover like this.