Does the dog die in Tin and Tina?

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Tin & Tina is a new psychological horror movie that’s causing something of a stir on Netflix. So in case you need to know this information in advance, the following are details of if the dog dies in Tin & Tina.

The official synopsis for Tin and Tina is as follows: “After a traumatic miscarriage, a young couple adopts two peculiar twins from a convent whose obsession with religion soon disturbs the family.”

That family includes a dog. And as we know that some viewers prefer to know if an animal lives or dies before watching a movie, we’re providing that information below.

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So SPOILERS FOR TIN & TINA ahead. But only concerning that dog.

Does the dog die in Tin and Tina?

Yes, the family dog does die in Tin & Tina. And it’s all quite shocking and unpleasant, so if you hate a doggy death, maybe give the movie a miss, and stop reading this article now…

After their adoption, Tin and Tina are brought home, where they meet the family dog, Kuki. But the canine immediately thinks there’s something up with the twins, barking incessantly at the pair.

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“He’s a good dog,” new dad Adolfo says as they walk away, with Kuki still barking in the background. He then adds “You’ll have to look after him,” which is something they definitely don’t do.


Later in the movie, Kuki again barks at the children when they are trying to apologise for bad behavior. Kuki continues to growl while they say sorry, eventually biting the mom and running out of the room.

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What happens to Kuki?

The next night Tin and Tina don creepy masks, sneak outside, and drug Kuki’s food. They then: drag the sleeping dog into the house; delightedly carve the canine up with a knife and a pizza cutter; remove his insides and stick them in a bucket; watch some television; then next morning claim they have cleansed the dog’s soul as mom cries over the canine’s corpse.

It’s a grim end for Kuki, who as Twitter points out, was the only one with any sense in Tin & Tina!

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Tine & Tina is now streaming on Netflix. For more horror coverage head here, while for details of more potential doggy deaths, check out the below articles:

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