Does Peter grow up in Peter Pan & Wendy? Disney live-action ending, explained

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Peter Pan & Wendy, the newest Disney live-action sequel, is out now – but how does it end, and does Peter grow up?

Peter Pan & Wendy is the newest live-action movie to drop on the streaming service Disney+, though it’s a slight deviation rather than a shot-for-shot adaptation of the original animated Peter Pan film.

The official plot of Peter Pan & Wendy is as follows: “Wendy Darling, a young girl looking to avoid boarding school, meets Peter Pan, a boy who refuses to grow up. Wendy, her brothers, and Tinker Bell travel with Peter to the magical world of Neverland, where she encounters an evil pirate captain.”

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Now, as stated, this film takes on a different approach to the original animated classic, which means that the ending is slightly different, and involves some new characters growing up. But does this include Peter, and how does the film actually end? Before we get into it, WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS FOR PETER PAN & WENDY AHEAD!

What happens at the end of Peter Pan & Wendy?

To explain the ending, first we must explain the film’s twist. Wendy, who is unhappy at being in Neverland, asks Peter Pan why he and Hook are enemies. Peter gives some information, and when Wendy and the Lost Boys are later captured by the pirates, Hook gives the rest.

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It is revealed that the pair actually used to be best friends, and were the first kids on Neverland. Hook’s real name is James, and he was later banished by Peter after admitting that he missed his mother. Hook attempted to sail away from Neverland but got lost at sea, and was taken in by Smee and the other pirates, which caused him to “grow up wrong.”

Despite the hero and villain pushing those memories away, this internal conflict they share escalates into a full-on brawl on the pirate ship, after Wendy is made to walk the plank. Thankfully, by picturing herself growing up and living an exciting life, Wendy is able to harness the power of flying, escape her watery grave, and accept that she no longer wants to be a child.

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At the fight’s end, the ship is seen flying and spinning upside down, the rest of the pirates are defeated, and the Lost Boys are saved. But Hook and Peter aren’t done. They continue fighting, but it’s easy to see that Peter wants his friend back and doesn’t want to battle him, admitting: “This isn’t fun anymore.”

But the captain won’t relent, and keeps attacking until Wendy blocks his sword with hers. “Oh Captain,” she says, “Grow up.” And with that, the ship’s cannon blasts into where Hook is standing, causing him to stumble and almost fall off the boat. Peter catches him by the hook, and tries to save him by encouraging him to fly, saying, “Don’t worry James. Just think happy thoughts.”

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Hook tries, scrunching up his face before sighing in exasperation, and he sadly admits, “Peter, I haven’t got any,” before his hook comes loose, and he plunges into the ocean. It’s actually really tragic to watch. However, thankfully he’s not dead, as there’s more to this ending.

Does Peter grow up in Peter Pan & Wendy?

No, Peter does not grow up in the film, but all of the Lost Boys do. They choose to stay in the real world with Wendy and her brothers, while Peter heads back to Neverland.

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One great update about this new movie is that it morally takes Peter to task. It never goes into the full “Peter was the villain all along” route as some theories like to suggest, but it shows how his determination to keep everyone young forever has actually hurt the people around him. He admits to being too stubborn and arrogant, and relents his influence over the group.

So when Wendy, Michael, and John are dropped off back home, so are all of the Lost Boys, as they had all previously admitted to wanting a mother. Wendy’s parents look at all the new children in a befuddled manner, and after apologising to her mother for not wanting to grow up, Wendy makes her way to the roof to say goodbye to Peter and Tinkerbell – who thanks Wendy for listening to her throughout the movie, despite her fairy voice being very quiet.

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Wendy advises Peter to grow up, saying that it may just be “the biggest adventure of all.” But Peter isn’t ready. He admits that Wendy’s home used to be his, and since jumping out the window when his mother scolded him, his mother is probably long gone by now.

While him flying away on his own seems like a sad ending, turns out that two tragic endings make a happy one. We cut back to Captain Hook, who survived the fall along with Smee. They are currently stuck in the ocean, but suddenly Peter appears in the flying boat, smiling at Hook.

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Hook smiles back, and it seems like their friendship has finally grown up.

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