Does Lisa Karen die in Firefly Lane Season 2?

Kyra Leroux as Lisa Karen in Firefly LaneNetflix

Part 2 of Firefly Lane’s second and final season dropped on Netflix last week, marking an emotional end to the journey of Kate and Tully – but what happened to their ‘70s pal Lisa Karen? Does she die at the end of the series?

Based on Kristin Hannah’s books of the same name, Netflix’s TV adaptation of Firefly Lane has seen huge success with its retelling of the time-jumping drama between two best friends. 

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Since there are only two novels, there will only be two installments of the show, meaning there won’t be a Season 3. And that’s not the only reason to reach for the tissues, as Firefly Lane delivered a touching yet heartbreaking end for the ‘00s iteration of Kate (Sarah Chalke) and Tully (Katherine Heigl). 

But there are three timelines to deal with in the show, the earliest being the ‘70s, which shows the dawn of the pair’s friendship as they go on to mark major milestones in their teen years. One of the recurring characters in this decade is the girls’ frenemy Lisa-Karen (Kyra Leroux) – here’s everything you need to know about what happened to her at the end of Firefly Lane.

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Warning: major Firefly Lane spoilers ahead…

Does Lisa Karen die in Firefly Lane?

Yes, Lisa Karen died in Season 2 Episode 13 of Firefly Lane after being struck by lightning. 

Though there’s a far more significant death at the end of the Netflix show, it’s a tragic moment for the girls – even though Lisa Karen was a pain in their butts, she was still an acquaintance to Kate and Tully, and one they interacted with regularly.  

The death is made all the more difficult for the young Kate to deal with due to the fact that it unfolded while she was hooking up with Coop (Khobe Clarke). 

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You see, Tully, Kate, and Lisa Karen all worked at their local fast food restaurant together. Although Kate is supposed to be working one night, Lisa Karen overhears her telling Coop that she can’t hang out with him as she still has to finish up her shift. 

Not wanting her to miss out, Lisa Karen says she’ll cover for her and “clean the grease trap” (a job no one wants to do). Kate excitedly thanks her while promising to share all of the juicy details afterwards. 

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But as Kate and Coop get together, Lisa Karen is seen taking out the trash in a heavy thunderstorm. Later on, Tully’s unreliable mom Cloud tells Kate and Tully that they don’t have to go to work that day as Lisa Karen had been fatally struck by lightning. 

The following scenes show the pair struggling to deal with the bereavement, particularly Kate as she feels responsible. When she grows angry at their drama group for only “pretending” to be sad about the death, Tully reminds her: “I wasn’t friends with her either and I’m still sad. And I bet you that they are too.”

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“It’s hard and it’s scary and it’s sad,” she adds. Although they initially don’t see eye-to-eye, like many of the difficult life moments they experience together, they end up supporting each other through it. 

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