DC League of Super Pets’ post-credit scenes explained

Chris Tilly
krypto-ace-dc-league-of-super-petsWarner Bros.

New animated movie DC League of Super-Pets hits screens today, and features a big surprize after the credits roll. Just beware of SPOILERS AHEAD…

DC League of Super-Pets in an action-adventure from the minds of the men behind The Lego Movie – Jared Stern and John Whittington. Meaning it’s very smart, and very funny.

The film also features an all-star cast of actors voicing superheroes and super-pets. The two leads are Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart as good dogs Krypto and Ace. While their human counterparts – Superman and Batman – are voiced by John Krasinski and Keanu Reeves.

You can read our review of DC League of Super-Pets here – spoiler: we really liked it – and our guide to the film’s Easter eggs here. But if you want to know what happens after the end of the movie, read on…

Does DC League of Super-Pets have a post-credit scene, and if so, how many?

As stated in our review, DC League of Super-Pets has the happiest of endings, with megalomaniac guinea pig Lulu defeated, and superheroes and animals pairing off.

But the movie isn’t done there, as there’s not one, but two scenes left, one that plays out mid-way through the credits, the other after the end.

And while the first sets plot in motion for a potential sequel, the second is the one that will get tongues (and tails) wagging, as it features a HUGE animated cameo.

What happens in the first post-credit scene?

The first sting starts with Lex Luthor – voiced by Mark Maron – trapped in a makeshift, and asking an adorable cat for help, with little luck. He then says “I always knew this is how it would end for me.”

Which is exactly what guinea pig Lulu says, while stuck in a vat of Hot Dog juice. Lex’s right-hand woman Mercy then opens the lid of said vat, and says, “Let’s be honest, the two of us are the real brains behind this operation… we should team-up.”

Mercy invites Lulu to live in her studio apartment, and Lulu jumps at the chance, paving the way for the dastardly duo to work on world domination together.

Who cameos in the second post-credit scene?

The second post-credit scene in DC League of Super-Pets finds Superman playing in the park with Krypto, only to be interrupted by… Black Adam’s dog! Who steals his toy, just as Superman finds himself face-to-face with actual Black Adam.

“Your owner’s a hero too?” asks Krypto. “Anti-hero” comes the response, “it’s basically like a regular hero, except way cooler. You make up your own rules, and then you break ’em. Also you can ignore most moral and ethical conventions because no one can stop you.”

Krypto points out “that sounds a lot like a villain” and they argue semantics before the Supes get rid of the Adams.

Who is Black Adam and why is he cameoing in DC Legends of Super-Pets?

Black Adam is an anti-hero – yes anti-hero – in the DC Universe. Created by Otto Binder and C.C. Beck, he first appeared in the comics in 1945, and is Shazam’s archenemy.

There’s a live-action Black Adam film hitting screens this October, so it makes sense that Warner Bros. would want to introduce the character here.

But what makes the scene all-the-funnier is that Dwayne Johnson plays Black Adam in the movie, as well as his dog. Meaning we’re watching the live-action Black Adam voicing the animated Black Adam, the animated Black Adam’s dog, and Krypto, all in one scene. Would love to see that recording session!

DC League of Super-Pets is in cinemas now, while Black Adam hits screens October 21, 2022.