DC fans want Netflix & Euphoria star to play Superman

Jacob Elordi in Euphoria and SupermanHBO/DC

After James Gunn announced Superman: Legacy, the first movie of the new DCU, fans have put forward a Netflix and Euphoria star to play the Man of Steel.

Superman: Legacy will “mark the start of the DC Universe” according to James Gunn and Peter Safran, bringing a new era of cohesion to a franchise that’s failed to truly connect on the cultural scale of the MCU.

While Henry Cavill won’t be donning the red cape again, the movie will not be an origin story, “focusing on Superman balancing his Kryptonian heritage with his human upbringing.”

So, who will play Superman? It’s yet to be announced, but one name has emerged as a common choice among fans.

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DC fans want Jacob Elordi to play Superman

Jacob Elordi, best known for his role in Netflix’s The Kissing Booth series and playing Nate Jacobs in HBO’s Euphoria, is one of the top choices from fans to play Superman.

“I honestly do think Jacob Elordi will be cast. Guy is at the age where he can commit to a film franchise. Has the looks for it too,” one user wrote. “Oh a film about young Superman? Oh I wonder what young tall white guy with big screen presence they will select… JACOB ELORDI YOU ARE SUPERMAN,” another wrote.

“Not to spoil the casting for everyone, but Jacob Elordi will play Superman in #SupermanLegacy, and Murray Bartlett will be Jor-El,” a third tweeted.

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Speculation around the casting of the hero – and specifically whether Elordi will play him – has been rife for weeks, to the point Gunn himself addressed it prior to announcing the slate.

“My thoughts are no one has been cast as Superman yet. Casting, as is almost always the case with me, will happen after the script is finished or close to finished, and it isn’t. We’ll announce a few things in not too long, but the casting of Superman won’t be one of them,” he tweeted.

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